Kent Austin on Primetime, The Fan 590

Coach Austin will be on the fan 590 between 5 pm and 6pm today, interviewed by Bob Mckown

What the heck, does Austin have photos on that jerk anti CFL McCown?

the Fan jumps on the bandwagon anything BIG, and this game is going to be HUGE

What do you expect from a Rogers owned station? They hate the CFL by their very nature. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

People from Ticats organization are McCown’s show somewhat often. I know I’ve heard Austin on before, and Scott Mitchell is on after almost every big Ticat announcement. I’ve never noticed McCown being anti CFL.

Say what? Wow??

I wonder if Austin will be fined for his comments on the officials?

Say what you want, and I agree with criticisms of Rogers/Sportsnet, but their employees are just that, employees doing a job.

Before the Fan590 dropped the Argos, Bob PERSONALLY attended a meeting with city council in support of the CFL. I believe this would have been in 2010?

Anyway, my point is, they have to tow the company line. I can't blame anyone for that.

McCown doesn’t really have to as his claim to fame all these years is to speak his mind no matter who he offends.
As for the others, they are nothing more then kool aid drinkers.

Chuckled the other day when I saw BM talking about Blue Jay roster moves as if it was important. Even hardcore Jays fans, what a relative few there are, have moved on to something else for the winter. But he’s an employee and corporate policy is to push Rogers interests like the Jays 24/7/12.
McCowan knows who signs his cheques.

McCowan is one of the few 590 guys I can stand to listen to. He's a big CFL supporter despite being employed by the corporate anti-Christ. He played an active role in Toronto's successful Grey Cup year. He has had numerous CFL players and coaches on his show. He actually attends the odd game.

An Argo-Cat fan

Bob the Broadcaster has had Bob the Owner (Or rather Caretaker) on numerous times & has always shown great respect & honest admiration to Mr. Young & the TiCats.

I think he just doesn't like Braley or he's standing up for Cynamon, his friend, who doesn't like Braley, when he was talking all about how Braley "scammed" the taxpayers for money towards the Grey Cup celebration activities and made money from the 100th. You know if Cynamon had of been the owner, it all would have been okey dokey.

I do think MCown does enjoy the CFL and respect it though despite this. A friend comes first though I suppose.

For those who didn’t hear the interview, here’s the link. There is also some discussion following the interview regarding the “inconsistent” officiating in the league. Interview starts at 14:45

[url=] ... --5-pm.mp3[/url]

Not going to disagree there has been inconsistent officiating in the CFL, agree. But not just confined to the CFL:

NHL Officiating Suffering From Inconsistency Under Two-Referee System, Fueling Frustration Around League

[url=] ... round-lea/[/url]