Kent Austin not optimistic Chris Williams will return

An interview with Austin from Canadian Press
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[b]One distraction that could be eliminated very soon is the issue of whether Chris Williams will suit up again this season for Hamilton.

With a rumoured National Football League deal in his pocket, last season's outstanding special teams winner in the CFL wants to be released from his contract and his challenge has gone to arbitration. The Ticats are now waiting for the decision.

"I would say at this stage it's probably not looking good," said Austin.

The Ticats have drafted two game plans, one with and one without the talented receiver and punt return juggernaut.[/b]

8) Thanks for that article, Grover.
   At this point in time I couldn't give a rats ass about Chris Williams anymore !!!

   You will never see him in a TiCat uniform again !!!     <!-- s:twisted: -->:twisted:<!-- s:twisted: -->

Hello ticat fans, new poster here!

I have to agree with Tipper. Let's move on from this crybaby.

What Hage is quoted as saying is what I have believed, and expressed somewhere in another thread, would be the general attitude of Williams' teammates if he lost the arbitration case and chose to return to the team. It sounds like Austin expects one of two things -- an arbitration win for Williams or a decision from him to sit out this season. To me, either case = a big loss for the Ti-Cats.

another forum on williams really?????? The way i see it did we have him in previous years when we one grey cups No. Will we have him in future when we win grey cups NO. So do i really care if hes here this year NO!!!! No more williams topics Please

[b]With a rumoured National Football League deal in his pocket, last season's outstanding special teams winner in the CFL wants to be released from his contract and his challenge has gone to arbitration. The Ticats are now waiting for the decision.

"I would say at this stage it's probably not looking good," said Austin.[/b]

I'm not wholly convinced Williams truly has an NFL deal awaiting on the table. (or under)

Interest? yes.
But a contractual agreement? doubtful.

nonetheless, for Austin to state it does not look good..... .is not.......good. :frowning:

(and does this mean he believes CW has a merited argument? re: invalid contract)

Well if a 155 pounder can make an NFL team, really, is there all that much difference between the two leagues in talent/size for position generally speaking? Agree, he has to make a team with the kind of "deal" he has, way too many guys at 155 lbs potentially as good.

Might not be signed contract but I'm betting there is an NFL team with a top notch legal squad and a need for an elite kick returner that's behind this.
Williams last agent was obviously not the brightest Crayola in the box and I'm not sure if Williams is swift enough to orchestrate this fiasco.
I still believe the CFL should look closer at this, if not then more NFL teams could try to poach players they are desperate for and who are under contract to a CFL team.

...last season, even with Chris Williams in their line-up, the Cats finished tied for the worst record in the league. Six teams managed to have a better record than Cats' and one of them even managed to win the Cup - all without Chris Williams on their rosters.

Life (and play) without Chris Williams will go on for the Cats.

No NFL team is backing this. From what I have read I don't think Williams is even doing much I think most of this is now between the Cats and the PA. I really hope he loses and decides to sit out a year so he can look like an idiot in a year when no one signs him.

Chris who?

I lked to see these parts of the interview
"I don't believe in rebuilding," he said Monday in the Canadian Football League's last pre-season league conference call, with rookie camps set to start in a few days and main camps opening on the weekend.

"I believe in putting together a team right from the jump that has the ability to compete for championships."

"My staff has not coached these guys and certainly not coached these guys live when the bullets are flying," he said. "We'll have a better idea of where we're at and how quickly it will take us to rise to a level of being able to compete week in and week out after we get the pads on these guys."

The changes they have made have helped make the team more athletic and faster, he added.

"We needed to get faster as a football team on both sides of the ball," he said.[/b][/i]

The transcript of the team's conference call, available to view on this site, doesn't paint quite the bleak picture of the Williams' situation, as it stands today, that was reported in the CBC link provided by Grover to start this thread. If this (below), as the transcript indicates, is all that Austin had to say on the subject, he was talking only of whether or not he expects Williams to be present for the start of training camp:

Q: “Kent … the Chris Williams situation, has it been resolved??

KA: “It has not been resolved yet, we went to arbitration a couple of weeks ago and we’re currently in the stage of awaiting the results of that ruling. We as a staff have put together two plans: one that would include Chris and one that doesn’t include him, and are ready to implement either.?

Q: “Do you have any sense of whether he’ll be in camp or any feeling along those lines??

KA: “I would say at this stage it’s not looking good (that he reports on Saturday). I am a pretty optimistic guy and positive in my approach, and hope that Chris will be here, but as of today there has been no communication with respect to his following up with us to get his (travel) arrangements in order.?

CFL has to start enforcing its contracts. Guys like Barker who want to rent players for a year aren't helping.

It always has and always will be a team sport. At this point I really don't care about the needs of one player. The team as a whole needs to step it up and that is all that matters. One player won't make that happen and never will.

What he said! :thup: :thup: :thup:

[b]Frank Zicarelli Toronto Sun

In reality, Williams has played his last game in Hamilton, regardless of the arbitration ruling everyone is eagerly awaiting.[/b]

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I'm hoping he is wrong, but common sense says otherwise. :frowning:

Looks like Austin's comment were taken a bit out of context. I think he was saying he's not optimistic that there will be a decision in time to have Chris Williams on time to start camp.

That guy is a joke and always looking for a negative angle if he is going to write a story. I would not put much stock in Zicarelli. He's not connected at all.

Who cares about Chris Williams. Obviously he does not give a rats $%^ about the Tiger Cats. Let's move on folks, another player will be signed or another player will step up.