Kent Austin Looks In Poor Health

I have a big concern for Kent.

He looks like he is losing to much weight.

His shirts are hanging off him and it is obvious he is thinning.

Anyone else notice this ?

It is well proven how stress can mess a person up physical and emotional.

For sure he is under stress. 0 - 7 and nothing positive to look at.

Plus the fact he is multi tasking with to many hats.

Hope he will be ok.

Kent made a concerted effort to lose weight this off-season. Because he had such a large loss so quickly he is not wearing it well (that is normal), but there is no doubt that the present stresses are not helping him. Remember that a year ago Kent had some health concerns, and this proactive weight loss is impressive (though I think he may have taken it off too fast).

He explained recently it was a hip issue which was replaced several years ago and he was told to lose the weight as another replacement was not wise at his age.

OK, not the serious issue that I thought.

Thanks for the input guys.