Kent Austin Leaving

Looks like Kent Austin is heading to Old Mis.

Toronto Star reporting as well

Did CHML say it was official?

and yet there are reports of an extension being offered.. Remind you of something??

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Did CHML say it was official?

Not yet, they are waiting for the unofficial, rumour, second hand report before they say anything! Then they will read it aloud, word for word, from the Spectator like they do every morning.

Seriously, it is to bad he is leaving, if there is any truth to this report. He is the kind of young yet experienced people we need to keep in the league. His team was well coached, disciplined and exciting to watch. It will be a loss for the league as a whole.

Also the local media have reported on this story as well.

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Charlie Taaffe turned down a more prestigious offer to remain coach of the Tiger-Cats.

Okay now...everyone get in an uproar!

Bye Kent. That knocks the Riders down a couple of notches for 2008. :slight_smile:

An Argo-Cat fan

I don’t feel the Riders will miss a beat without him.
They’ll still have there OC and DC.
It a Shame if Austin dose leave.
I wish the best for Rider fans(Unless there are playing us)

CHML has just reported that Charlie Taaffe has been talking to Eric Tillman regarding the open coaching position in Regina.


Please don't start this again.

Austin/Tillman highlights how things are should be done in an organisation that has its together.


The Bassman


Nope, they picked up a story from the weekly Saskatoon ice fishing report that Kent is staying in Regina.

Austin left a job coaching his first pro team to go back and coach at his college. For Ole Miss' sake, I hope he doesn't get a call from his old high school.

Someone should check this out with Marty York if anyone knows he will :lol: [/i]