Kent Austin is the NEW HC & GM of TICATS

Kent Austin has become the new GM & HC of the Hamilton Ti-Cats

Um, no he hasn't. The speculation is that he will soon be named the head coach and general manager, but he has not been named so yet. It's likely to happen, but you're jumping the gun by saying he's already been named.


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Here's the write-up. Would be nice to see Kent Austin back in the CFL if true.

All this says is that the Cats want him and that he is likely the front runner; however, that is far from what the OP stated when he wrote "Kent Austin has become the new GM & HC of the Hamilton Ti-Cats." It is very possible that Austin will be the next head coach and GM of the Cats, but he hasn't been officially named to those positions yet. It is a bit premature to say he has been.

What's it like to want? LOL !

Austin has been made several offers since he left, some CFL, and not bitten. That being said, throwing in the GM spot might be alluring.

Also...perhaps, if they really want him, they will bring Tillman on...the two are pretty tight.

According to who ? Tillman ? I 've never read or hear one thing by Austin that corroborates that statement other than speculation from Rider fans and moles like Vanstone.

According to who what? that they are friends?
They share an alma mater
he gave him his first coaching job
he recommended him as OC to the Argos
he hired him as a HC when he only had 3 years experience
he let him out of his contract to pursue another job
they obviously see things in a similar light...look what they did in 1 year...critical between GM and HC
Austin has stated they still talk regularly

i don't see how that can not be looked at as anything but a friendship...even if it is purely on a professional level

Means they've worked together, that's it. Tillman tried to get him in Edmonton and was not able to convince him. Frankly Tillman has been exposed badly in Edmonton with the Ray and Mcknight trades, Reed's recent admission that he had ok'd the Ray trade was "incorrect" and the everything else documented in his time there. Also to pay Austin what it would take 500 to 600k probably Hamilton would have to give him the entire portfolio and there is no fit there for Tillman with Austin, Obilovich, Womack, Allemang,McMannus. Mitchell said he wanted the next guy to be the face of the franchise. Making Tillman the face of the Tiger-Cats would be INSANE.

I for one do not want to see Kent Austin back in the CFL. He boo hooed his way out of Saskatchewan after only 1 year and I still resent him for that. He used Saskatchewan as his stepping stone to coaching in collage ball at Ole Miss. I don't know why he would give up the benefits and salary associated with being a college football coach in the US.

That's true Blogskee Wee Wee...just putting the link up and like you and the article states - speculation.

wow a little hard on Austin?

I sure didn't see it that way!

I admit, that have the GM role and being totally in-charge of the football operation may be enticing to Austin, but i don't think it's going to happen. He's the head coach at Cornell, making in the 600,000 to 700,000 range from what i read. He's got 3 or 4 kids near or at the college age. Being the head coach at Cornell, his kids get automatically acceptance to Cornell and free tuition at a cost of over 40,000 per year. Cornell is one of the top educational institutions in North America and that would be very hard to walk away from for your kids and their future

He did a good job in Saskatchewan :thup:

Fantuz would probably agree

he was offered 420 to stay in Regina, he was making just over 300 at Ole Miss, and supposedly made about 200k his first year at Cornell...not sure what he would be at now, but finances are clearly not his primary motivator. That said, I heard somewhere that if he stays 5 years his kids got a free pass on tuition. I was upset when he left for Ole Miss, but understood it was a rare opportunity to coach at his Alma Mater plus be close to his family, where his mother was apparently not well...if he had stuck it wouldn't be so bad, but he jumped ship from Ole Miss so fast...his jumping ship from Ole Miss so fast is actually irritates me more than anything. I have to think that at this point he kinda needs to finish his contract or he will be viewed as a high flight risk by potential employers.

Not sure Austin is the answer. People seem to forget how the fans in Toronto ragged on him mercilessly for his playcalling.

Had to laugh because I listened to the Bill Kelly show on 900 CHML yesterday. Callers kept saying that we should bring in Tillman. Really?? You want the guy who traded away the face of his franchise, who went on to win the GC with the team he was traded to? :roll: Yeesh!

Eric Tillman would definitely be a much better option as GM; a coach would then have to be hired. Kent Austin could be a possibility.

Major mistake if Kent Austin is hired as GM and Coach.


If this happens Rider fans are going to bust a nut :lol:

I doubt it. Some maybe, but far from most.