KENT AUSTIN is our new head coach

We here at CORNELL just hired Kent Austin a former CFL coach. Can you tell me about him, and what type of offense he runs? Do you think he can put together a good team for us?

Congratulations. He will be a great addition to your program. First, he is a tremendous individual, a classy man...a gentleman in the truest sense.

Second, he is an offensive genius that will focus on throwing the football.......a lot. He has won championships in the CFL as a player and coach, and won in his only season here as a head coach, before joining Ole Miss as its OC. As offensice coordinator and again as head coach up here, the QB for his team was named league Most Outstanding Player.

And, Kent is a winner. He makes no excuses, and expects (and generally gets) the best from his players. As a fan of the last team up here that he coached, we'd still love to have him.

I have no doubt that Cornell will rebound from their dismal year with Austin at the helm.

Kent Austin?
Wasn't he the Six Million Dollar man?

Oh, in terms of the offense he runs, it will likely differ in the US from up here for a couple of reasons - we have 12 players on the field, don't really use a tight end ,etc.

However, what you can expect to see is an aggressive offense, with a lot of 3 and 4 receiver sets. Not a spread offense like Texas Tech plays - it's a pro style offense, but will generally run multiple receiver sets. You won't get much, if any, 2 back 2 TE sets outside of short yardage. His teams will throw the ball a lot. He will run plays that can gain big chunks of yardage. He's not a west coast or run and shoot guy. Nor is he a grind it out, eat the clock, three yards and a cloud of dust Big 10 offence guy.

His offences are complex, and often a receiver's route for a play will vary depending on the pre-snap read (so both the QB and receiver need to make the same read), and he runs really nice progressions within a game and even a season, where a play run in one formation often sets up a different play run from the same formation.

While he was never a mobile QB, with the right guy he'll use rollout, bootlegs and such. He's not an option guy. He will look for and play running backs who catch the ball well - this is a must - his backs are key receivers in his system. It was like that when he played and coached up here, and he seemed to use Dexter McCluster at Ole Miss the same way.

His greatest asset as an offensive coach, I would suggest, is his ability and willingness to adjust his package to the strengths of the players he has. He's not a one-system guy where if he has poorly-suited personnel, things won't work. He will adapt based on what he's got, meaning that you won't have to wait 2 years until his own recruits are juniors before you see some success.

And he says hee haw and y'all alot.
And he goes around wearing cowboy hats.
Hope this helps you.

artie lange sums it up the best way to describe kents way of running things
as for him I followed him to ole miss when he left us here in saskatchewan after coming in 1st yr rookie head coach winning our team ,province and fans across our nation and abroad a national championship it was more than any of us could have ever imagined. In fact there is a book written on the subject written by rod pedderson I do own the book just can't locate it right now I believe it is called green magic ?
IMO with kent you will quickly learn that he is a believer a winner and best yet a teacher for the game of football and life he is a man that leads by example on and off field
I also will report I'm sure cornel will gain many cfl fans especially saskatchewan roughrider fans to see if he can bring that magic and rub abit off for the time he spends with you

Your QB's better start studying. He played quaterback and was drafted by the St Louis Cardinals before coming to th CFL, where as some have pointed out, he won a championship.

He basically resserected Damon Allen's career (Marcus Allen's brother) while helping him to win another championship in Toronto and he turned Kerry Joseph (a former safety with the Seattle Seahawks), a mediocre, running QB at best, into a league MVP while head coaching in Saskatchewan.

He is a perfectionist, who demands nothing but excellence from his players, especially the QB's.

How's that warp speed workin' for ya, since y'all from Cornell are posting from a Winnipeg IP...?

Geez Artie, write a book. I'll buy it and read it. Include a glossary and index. :thup:

Austin has mainly stated his playing career with the riders was the rough time in his career that almost drove him to quit the game. the BC lions was said to be his best work.

So Austin was full of manure when he stated the only reason he left the Riders was because of a dream to return home...
Unless this man from Mississippi reguards a rich school in New York as home...then he is a bald faced liar.
People in Canada simply do not understand the American mentality, that the rest of the world simply does not matter.
Milt Stegall stated the crowing acheivement of his career is when he made the HON on Sportscenter (no not TSN's Sportscentre but ESPN's Sportscenter)
He said he had people call him up from college who didn't even know that he still played football.
I remember after Ron Lancaster died, I scoured the internet to find an article from Ron's state of Pennsylvania... or his adopted state of Ohio where he played college ball.
I could not find anything...
It was as though he never exsisted at all..
Meanwhile in Canada it was a huge story ,and people talked about a huge loss....
I'm sure you are all aware of the saying,"Big in Japan."
This is what motivates players and coaches back to the states along with big money...
It all worked ou well for Doug Flutie(he made atleast $20 million on his return to the NFL)
However, what motivated a 35 year old QB who was already a millionaire, to take a huge gamble and possibly destroy his legacy in Canada (the only place where people thought of him as a great QB)
He took the risk to prove to Americans... that he was a big deal....
This mentality will ensure players will always return for their shot at NFL fame, irreguardless if their CFL team throws the bank at them.

this message brought to you by the proud haters at Roger communications. remember if its not negative press, its not CFL press.

Ausitin's Mom was terminally ill at the time he left. He went home to be close to her. Since that time she has passed, leaving him less ties to home.

Shouldn't have really dignified your post with a response, but oh well.

Man american people like myself are very have a territory mentality and yall have it too.To A american like myself who family is from mississippi and raised in ohio we are like a bunch of pack rats and love where we are from.I admit i'm a BUCKEYE fan and too a point I will call off too watch BUCKEYE games.My job pays double time in a half for any employee who works during the Ohio Sate/Michigan game.Man americans dont regard some people outside the towns they live in as good as them.So considering another country the same as them is something we dont fathom.Not saying that things are not equal in lifestyle.Most americans consider everything in america better.Even if a all CANADIAN roster beat a NFL team we will find a excuse on why we lost.I never heard of Ron lancaster until you mention the name on this site.Milt Stegal is from Ohio but 99% of football fans here have never heard of him.So thats not a knock we are two different countries with two different perspective on life.Just come to Ohio and look at the at the Ohio state hats and apparell we wear.Mater of fact go to Columbus on High street and yell "I LOVE THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN" and then wait to see somebody pick a fight with you to understand the AMERICAN MENTALITY.Thats just the way we are.

No silly…he’s a mild-mannered reporter for the Daily Planet.

I agree....excellent work, Artie.