Kent Austin Head Coach

No argument here!

As much as its not a possibility I personally think that Don Matthews would be the best man for the job...Too bad it is never going to happen :frowning: Just look what hes done with the Alouettes over the last couple of years :thup:

The S.O.B. burned us once... I dont want that happening again. I respect him tho.

Why would BT ever want to coach the riders. He has turned down cushy offers fom UoC, and UBC in the last few years to stay in toon-town. The stability of a CIS coaching job would likely far outweigh the benefit of the $$$ of coaching the CFL. I would estimate BT make close to $100 large. I am not sure what an entry level CFL coach would make $200? (I really don't know.) I supposed $300 might be enough for him... Also look at Marshal, he was as successful as BT at the CIS level...

Not sure how good Suitor would be, but he has mentioned he wants to coach in a couple years, and we all know his affection for the Riders. Though he has even less experience than KA. Though he would likely bring a much more balanced team to the field. I fear KA would ignore the run.

Towress would be far more likely to move up to the pros than he would be to take a job at UBC.
He has stated in the past that he enjoys the job at the U of S, and would be content to stay there forever.
But he has also said that he would consider going to the CFL if circumstances were right.
And he has had offers before, but did not feel the circumstances were right at the time.
The thing about the Riders, is, it is unlikely he would be interviewed for the top job.
Maybe o-line coach, get a few years experience, then look at a head coaching position.
But the Riders do not need an inexperienced head coach.
Which is why Austin is not the right guy.
If we were in a full-blown rebuilding mode, like we were in 2000, either of those guys would be good choices.
But I expect us to win next year, not in a few years.
And that makes Ritchie the best choice.
Or guys like Richie Hall, or Cortez who have decades of coaching experience.

And the fact that Rob Vanstone came out publicly in full support of Austin as being the right guy, proves he is the wrong guy.....

I knew I forgot something...
I don't think Suits wants to coach.
He is far more likely to get involved as a GM someday.
I would actually love to dump that louse Hopson and hire Suits for that job.....

Suitor for hopson would be great. Hell, I'd take a bag of dicks over Hopson.

But my guess is that Suitor would want to be a little more involved in the football side of things. GM sounds about right, and more likely than coach...

I was not away BT had turned down CFL offers. It makes sense that they would want him as an 'area' coach first.


I am guessing a week or less before we know the answer.
The short list appears to be Dave Ritchie, Kent Austin, Richie Hall and George Cortez.
Tillman only just got Wally's permission to speak with Ritchie on Monday, so we wait.
I still bet on (hope for) Ritchie!!

IF we are going to move to the next level and quickly Saskatchewan needs experience. Not someone learning the position…we already have that in Tillman.

Just look at Edmonton this year and likely Montreal and possibly Toronto next year if the league is serious about a cap. They won’t be able to hide players and over pay veterans and both teams are getting a little long in the tooth. They can’t let that happen to this team.

Sask needs to make the right moves this year coming up to get into the grey cup. If not it will be rebuilding the year after…

Anything is better than danny I agree he needs to be gone.