Kent Austin Head Coach

So how would you guys feel about Kent being the head coach. I personally wouldn't mind all that much, my vote would be for him or George Cortez. Regardless Danny needs to be gone, I will not be happy with him behind the helm next year, I personally don't care if we lose Eddie Davis and some others, if the only reason they are here is because of Danny Barrett then good riddance to them.

Kent Austin would not make my short list of candidates, but he likely will make Tillman's.
I think Cortez is a better choice, and they might (should) give Hall an interview. Steve Buratto or Greg Marshall.
That's my short list.
But if he wants the job, and is healthy enough, Dave Ritchie is my first choice right now.

I'll be absolutely stunned if Danny is back.

I think Danny should get three yrs more, He has made the riders a better team it has been the laughing stock of cfl for yrs and it at least competes every week and besides who is better, Kent? and as for Dave Richie are you on Drugs?

I think Kent would be a great choice and so would Burratto . You guys don't want Ritchie though , he's happy where he's at. :wink:

Given the relationship between Tillman and Austin, it will not surprise me if Austin is the guy.
But I don't want him. As far as I am cocerned, he is at best an unproven commodity, and I didn't think too much of his abilities as OC in TO this year. Brutal use of the talent on the field.
So basically, I absolutely do not get why people think he is qualified for the job.
Burrato is a good coach. No problems there. I don't know what his connection to Tillman is though.

As for Ritchie, Penn, no doubt you'd like him to stay with the great job he is doing in BC.
But he and Tillman are good friends, and at his age, if he wants a HC job, this is his last chance.
I am just not sure if he wants it after the triple bypass.
But he is exactly the right guy for the job.
We have a veteran team, so we don't need to gamble with an inexperienced head coach like we did with Danny.
And after a players coach like Danny, I think we need a guy who will kick some tail to get us to the promised land.
I expect us to win it all next year, not suffer through growing pains while we find out if Kent Austin can coach or not.

When Ritchie was in BC as HC , he was an easygoing players coach . Certainly not a hardnosed guy. And too loyal to his vets , that's his downfall . But maybe he learned a bit from Wally about that .

I wasn't saying he isn't a players coach, but I think behind that easy going demeanor is a no nonsense kind of guy who will dress down a player if he thinks it's necessary.
I seem to recall a few occasions when he was in Winnipeg when he openly criticised a couple of guys (Westwood comes to mind).
Anyway, he is my first choice, and I am certain he will be talking to Tillman.
My only concern is his health.
We almost killed poor Cal Murphy.....

Another name being ground up by the rumour mill is Matt Dunigan.
I would prefer him to Austin as well.
And the irony there is he was my first choice ahead of Tillman for the GM job in the first place.

Just heard an interview with Ritchie on the radio, and he was hesitant to discuss the Rider coaching situation--it is against the rules to do so--but he gave every indication that he still wants to be a head coach.

And the fact that Drew Remenda and Mitchel Blair both say Ritchie is the wrong guy, makes me even more certain that he is the right guy....

I agree :wink: IMO i dont think that Austin has proven himself yet :cowboy: i hope that we dont sign him!! Its like we would be like rebuilding and i dont like that :roll: If we dont sign DB, plz pick someone with experience!!!

Kent Austin. was made to walk the plank off the good ship argo after a dismal first part of the season. why would we want him here. Besides i dont think Kent would want to come back to Saskatchewan anyways.

Matt Dunnigan. Didn't he get his ass canned from Calgary after a worse than dismal performance as head coach. Why would we want him!

Greg Marshall. Didn't he get his ass canned in Hamilton as the head coach. Again Why would we want him.

Ritchie Hall. Why not give him an interview. he has done a decent job with the defense over the years. question is how well would he do as a head coach? do we want another player friendly coach again? I suspect Ritchie hall would fall into this category.

Steve Burrato. Hey he seemed to do a pretty good job with the offense in Calgary except for the last game. Give him a shot. after all I am sure Burrato did not cause all of the 7 turnovers.

George Cortez. Dont know much about him other than he was in Calgary for a few years and a lot of people on this forum seem to think he could do a good job as a head coach. Give him a shot.

Danny Barrett. If he wants the job let him keep it.

Daytona20, you are thinking of the wrong Greg Marshall. The one being touted as head coach material is the defensen co-ordinator with the bombers not the previous head coach with Hamilton (he is back in the CIS to stay)

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!! Not kent! - He is not coach material in my books.. I want Cortez, or Gerg Marshall... I'll settle for Burado, but I want Cortez.... And as for Ritchie, I love him but he's done like dinner in my books. I was rarely impressed with the defensive schemes this year.

I would rather have Dave Ritchie over Kent Austin.

We should hear tomorrow.......

Just for the record, i want Danny back

turkeybend has just sent me a PM. stating He and Matt Dunigan are the final stages of signing a long term contract to take over our now vacant head coaching position. The only formality left to iron out is if this party is a B.Y.O.B...........GO RIDERS

A lot of interesting names being bantered about. Doubt Danny wants to come back, so I'd be surprized if he re-signs! Buratto was here when either Lancaster or Faragalli was HC. I'm not sure if he'd want to be a HC. Dave Ritchie...scares me to think of him here. Cortez, sure; Richie Hall....jury still out. Austin...think he'd be nuts to come and try to take over after the Roy and Danny Regime; he wouldn't receive the time necessary to bring a team together to be competitive.

First and foremost, I want Danny Barrett back. IF that unfortunately doesnt happen then I want either Dave Ritchie, or Riche Hall. Possibly Steve Buratto.

I have to say I am anti-Austin. I loved him as a quarterback of the Riders, but his pedigree as a coach/offensive coordinator does not impress me.

I agree that the Riders need a coach who will kick a little more butt than Danny has been, but I believe Danny can do it. He is a good coach and keeps getting better (does anyone remember how many bad decisions he made in the first couple of years?). Those poor ecisions are getting fewer and farther between.

If Danny goes, we have a big problem because I strongly believe Hamilton will snatch him up as soon as he is released. Then the issue becomes players following him east to Hamilton and we are stuck rebuilding again.

But if he does go, a coach needs to be named. Here is my short list in no particular order:

George Cortez: He has been coaching for a number of years in US college and the CFL. Too much of a great talent to ignore.

Ritchie Hall: He has helped turn the Riders into one of the CFL's best defences on a yearly basis. I just think he is too soft-spoken to get the job done.

Glen Suitor: I don't know if he is interested in coaching but he is very knowlwdgeable, has a history with the Riders and he has publicly stated that he would at some point like to be commisioner, but needs more operations experience. Head coach would do just that.

Brian Towress: That man and his coaching staff at the U of Saskatchewan have put together an amazing football program that is consistantly a contender for the Vanier Cup. Tillman is going to Saskatoon this weekend as well. Canadian tallent has been lacking in recent years and Towriss is someone who could halp turn that all around. Why do head coaches need to be American when there are perfectly good coaches that have coached in Canada their whole careers?

For the record, I do not want Austin, Ritchie, Dunnigan or Marshal here as the coach.

Man I have to start spell-checking before I send posts up.