Kent Austin Hands down for coach of the year

What other coach got the responce from his player's other then Kent Austin .

And all the controversy about whether Clemons did or didn't inject human growth hormone is bound to hurt his chances.

I say he's innocent - c'mon, he's what, like five feet tall - even if he did take it, it didn't work.


Listen're talking about the wrong guy.

The HGH story is about Clarence Clemons. The 'E' Street Band would never have lasted this long if Clemons wasn't on the junk.

Get your story straight.

My bad. HGH and Clarence Clemons - I guess they don't call him "The Big Man" for nothin'

Is coach of the year voting done at the end of the regular season, or after the playoffs?

If the voting is done prior to the playoffs there is a good chance Wally will win it.