kent Austin Fired!!

it was just annouced on CBC :o what do i think about this?

better him than pinball

was he really? hmm, that kinda surprises me for some reason. i agree better him than pinball

I say pinball should go as well!

Nothing but a glorified cheerleader!

yeah, but what do you know :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted: :lol:

I think it must have been differnce of opinion on how to run the offence and taking the fall on bringing in Spergon Wynn.

If you are referring to me, I'll answer.
Nothing....except I know enough that he(pinball) should not continue with a disastrous season just because he is pinball!

How can you say the O coordinator should go but not the coach besides the fact that he deserves it because he is pinball!

actually, I am not sure anybody had to be fired yet. I would be surprised if this was pinballs decision, unless there is something else to it. I think injury defense is justified and that they should have been more patient. I think somebody higher up panicked.

good...he sucked.
he couldnt come up with an offence for spergeon....

even pee wee said, kent is running the offence like sperg is damon, and he need to realize diff. QB's need diff offencive schemes.

he has also shown, he doesnt know how to incorporate the run into his offence....pee wee also said, u can't pass all the time, cuz defences just play to stop the pass, cuz they know u wont run.

I could be wrong but isn't pinball the president of the team?
I know he used to be and he had hired himself but whether or not he still is...

coach pinball
GM adam rita
the president is kieth pelley.

[url=] ... ustin.html[/url]

The Toronto Argonauts fired offensive co-ordinator Kent Austin on Saturday, the CFL on CBC has learned.

Austin was in his third season with the Argos.

The decision to let Austin go comes two days after the Argos suffered a humiliating 31-7 loss on the road to the Montreal Alouettes.

Toronto, sporting a 2-5 record, is tied for third place in the CFL's East Division with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats (2-6).

Austin, a former CFL quarterback, won Grey Cups with the Saskatchewan Roughriders (1989) and B.C. Lions (1994) before finishing his career in 1996 with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Austin is the CFL's eighth all-time leading passer with 36,030 yards, and his 57.6-yard career completion average trails only Doug Flutie and Tom Clements.

Wow - that's a pretty impressive "career completion average". Two completed passes would guarantee a TD every time. Guess Elgaard and Narcisse were even better than I remember.

Who is Pee Wee?

'pee wee' smith...retired from the argos just b4 the start of this season, and co-hosts the argo show on thefan 590 radio.

he still is apart of the organization.

This glorified cheerleader has won 1 GREY CUP and is second to BOB O. for all time ARGOS wins. :thup:

But this year with all of the ARGOS injuries [14 of them Vs. Montreal] he has made some bad choices. KENT , was the offensive coordiator so he should be fired before PINBALL and no he is not the ARGOS president.

Yes he won a Grey cup YEARS AGO!
If the injury excuse is valid for Pinball, why is it not valid for Austin?

Funny though how last year when the Als were off to a shaky start posters were saying he should be fired. Pinball is off to a BAD start and everyone defends him.

Pinball was president at one time was he not?

No , he was not really. PINBALL , won a GREY CUP 2 years ago and he is 2nd for all time ARGO wins. :thup:

That doesn't sound like a cheer leader to me. I think they should also get rid of ADAM RITA , as G.M.

KENT , is their offensive coor. and he is responsible for the ARGO offense which has averaged 2 first downs per Q. , so far this year. :thdn:

I wanted PINBALL fired at first but I changed my mind after hearing about all of the injuries the ARGOS really had. The offence had no imagination and was easy to defend against.


PINBALL , is also more liked than MATTHEWS , I guess?

i never thought the don should be fired

I didn't either.