Kent Austin Exclusive Interview!

Excerpts from above stated interview:

"...I'd like to clarify a few points at this time

  1. I left Toronto because Pinball had a height complex.

  2. No, I did not once act on the t.v. series cheers.

  3. Tom Burgess was a good holder for converts.

  4. Eric Tillman has red hair.

  5. Regina is the least easy city to get lost in in the CFL.

  6. I don't call the plays , my mother does.

  7. Yes, I am younger than Paul McCallum

  8. No I do not wear a toupee.

  9. No, Gainor is not my twin brother.

  10. No I did not say leaving Toronto and moving to Regina is akin to going from the penthouse to the outhouse. I said Toronto people are like prissy poodles and Regina people are like mangy mutts! And I married a mutt who is loyal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"" :rockin:

A little early in the afternoon to be drinking that turkey hootch...isn't it?

Since when was 9am the afternoon!?

Posted: Jul 26, 2007 - 03:48 PM

HI Eric Tillman here,

I am responding to Turkeyman displaying the interview of Sir Kent Austin. You fans no nothing. You fans are ignorant and ill-informed yes ill!! I am the only one who knows football, Wascana Park, Regina and Gainer's feeding schedule. I got the team under the salary cap and I enjoyed watching Kent star on 'Cheers'. Just remember, when we host a playoff game this year that I will require all Rider players to dye their hair red. Long live King Kent and his holiness ET!!!!!!!!!!!
ET Rules
SOME Rider fans DROOL!!!!!!!!!