Kent Austin embarrassed the crap out of Drew on SC!

I for one have always thought of Drew as being a bit self centered and lacking in depth as far as football smarts are concerned, and his latest question to KA showed it. It was pure and simple a stupid question put forth at the most inappropriate time. Drew got what he deserved and KA ought not to have apologized, Drew ought to have apologized for having a brain cramp when he asked the question. I am sure the Spec is wondering how much they are paying Drew for such dumb questions. When you compare the work of Milton to Drew, it is night and day. Drew has to learn that it is the team and news about the team that the fans want to see and read, not his views and certainly not his dining preferences on the road.

I just watched the video and I thought that Kent's apology to Drew was clear and honest.

I can appreciate his pain, to a minor degree, after losing a Grey cup and in the way they did. The wounds were still fresh and untreated and he was likely still reeling from it and perhaps needed some time to absorb it and reflect before handling the questions.

Drew's question was ill timed.

Just a bad circumstance for both men.

I think we need to keep in mind that for a Grey Cup game people who don't normally give a fig about football
will watch and use their very limited knowledge to absorb whats going on. Drew's job is to ask questions that
are intended for the viewing public, not just the jocks on this site or folks like us that are truly into the game.

Asking "dumb questions" enlightens the novices and could turn some of them into football fans. drew is aware
that that many novices will watch a GC game, if only for the half time entertainment. If he can turn their interest
to football just a bit, we could have future supporters.

The league thrives on new faces and the sale of tickets. The coaches, mangers and players that are interviewed
by reporters like Drew, need to keep this in mind during a Grey Cup game and interview.

Kent Austin's apology to Drew was most definitely appropriate. Kent realized this and did the appropriate thing.

Sure the question was dumb to football jocks, but to others it was an education.

I think it was just a basic failure to communicate based on Austin's emotion of the time.

I believe the question was something like, " Do you think the team is pointed in the right direction?"

Of course the answer is "yes", Austin jumped on that, but what I think Drew might have been doing was an attempt to give Austin an opportunity to talk about the team being headed in the right direction, especially for those who may think otherwise or who feared that the Grey Cup loss signified some sort of greater failure.

In essence, I believe Drew was trying to give Austin an opportunity to speak to fans and media by putting the Grey Cup loss within the context of progress over 1 year, and continuing progress that is both desired and needed to win going into next season.