Kent Austin embarrassed the crap out of Drew on SC!

Good ,don't disrespect this team look what they achieved in just the first year :thup: something to build on when is the last time this organization has had stability like this , don't have to start from scratch again next year : :thup: Kudos to Coach Austin :thup: Some dummies on this forum even say should have kept Cortez as HC give your head a shake boys :cowboy:

It's pretty clear that Austin has had to answer many questions throughout the year, and probably has answered that same question on more than one occasion from Drew that were frustrating.

Had that question come from another reporter you probably wouldn't have got the same reaction. Reporters have thick skin, or at least should have. I didn't think the question was horrible. I didn't think the answer was horrible either.

I appreciate Austin's honesty and openness when it comes to the team, the players and the direction of the football club. I'll give him and Drew a pass on this one.

On to next year.

It's great to see Drew Edwards so active in the questions regarding the Tiger-Cats and as host of the Scratching Post along with Steve Milton but sometimes Drew's questions are a little redundant or try to slap Austin with a negative jab like in this case and Austin stood up for his players as any good coach should, hey if it was Tim Burke when he was with Winterpeg he would of hung the player out to dry but Austin is a players coach, he believes in his team and I think it's great.

The Tiger-Cats are young with the most Rookies in the CFL and they made it this far this season with all the injuries and obstacles, this team has a great future and the start of new era in Tiger-Cat football!

I've watched it again - the entire clip - and there was absolutely nothing wrong with Austin's answer. It wasn't rude at all. It was an eye roll with a 'c'mon what do you think' answer to a question that I would have answered the same way.

And Synthcat I'm not sure what you are getting at with your comments about with the Montreal game - as if one missed interference call would somehow define our entire season. We were clearly on the right track with this team under Austin even if we had somehow lost that semi-final game. As for Gable making a skilled play staying on his feet to score and our D stepping up - aren't those all perfect illustrations of how Austin has the team moving in the right direction? Having the right personnel in the right place at the right time. Those things happening are how you measure if a team is moving in the right direction - is it not? Last year our running back would have fallen down and/or our defense would have folded like a cheap tent in the high pressure 2nd half situations that this team came through many times in the last 2/3 of the season and in the Eastern semi and Eastern Final.

And besides even if some consider Austin's answer to be a bit impatient or not 'nice' - I would still 100 times out of 100 rather we have a winning coach like Austin or Bill Belichik who may answer the odd question somewhat curtly or even on occasion rudely rather than having a Miss Manners coach that the media loved but who never wins a championship.

In other words, learning of lessons is directly co-related to the amount of effort (or in this case embarassment) one puts forth. Something earned without effort is not appreciated as much as something you must really strive for. (Kind of like football when you think about it). :wink:

First of all, who says Drew was embarrassed? I think he has a thicker skin than that!

Second, thank goodness we have a coach who's willing to speak his mind as opposed to someone who simply spouts clichés!

This is what Kent should have said..................


I don't mind those kinds of answers from Austin or Cortez.

I want emotion, character and honesty.

i want real people, not robots.

I have no time for bland, blah, blah, blah cliches.

why is so much hatred towards austin he didnt lose the game yesterday the players did

The point I was trying to make, and maybe didn't, was that in the world of coaching, there is no time for tact and diplomacy, it's a get straight to the point business, I guess. Even though I was a student, Mr. Sazio treated me as he would any other writer or professional who may have approached him asking the same question.

I can't complain, I should have been better prepared. Like I said earlier, I was taught a very valuable life and career lesson. Something that has indeed stayed with me to this day, along with the great opportunity of meeting one of the true legends of the Tiger cats and the CFL.

Drew talks about It in his video blog, the final bad hotel coffee chat.

I appreciate Drew. I believe he does an excellent job covering the team most times and I appreciate his writing in his blog every day which I don't think he gets paid to do. But sometimes he asks some really dumb questions. I'm surprised at all the negativity toward Austin. Sure we kind of knew what Drew was getting at but its his job to word his questions better. Imagine trying to pick up a woman asking such thoughtless questions when rewording them could've opened up a much better conversation. As others have stated, I'm happy Austin was quick to defend his team. His answers are a lot better than Cortez' snippy responses last year and Bellefuelle's generic "we need to execute better" from 2011.

I like Drew and I read his blog daily. Unfortunatey, a stupid question deserves a spirited answer. Of course Austin is going to stick up for his boys and yes the team is headed in the right direction considering last years record. Dawwwwwwwwwww

If you want to play with the big boys on the big stage you need to have your big boy pants on.
I don't think Austin really was out of line in his response. I do however think that it was a weak question at an inappropriate time from Drew.
Being a professional goes both ways and that was a foolish question to ask after a Grey Cup game. REALLY, that was the question your readers wanted an answer for Drew...come-on.
And I can't speak for Drew but I figure he agrees too.

I thought Austin showed a lot of restraint and class when he answered that idiotic question. To do so after his team was flattened in the a Grey Cup game just a few minutes before was pretty remarkable. The guy is a pro.

An Argo-Cat fan

Well they had a good's too bad the coaching staff was completely unprepared with the wrong game plan...Oh yes the receivers dropping every 2nd pass and lots of no-calls on Saskatchewan's defense ( ref's should hang their heads )...bad enough playing against a good team & the crowd, but we had to take on the refs also. But it's looking great for next year and only positive thoughts from now on...and thanks for hanging in there will win it all for us next year....Cheers to all the team and our great fans...see you at "Tim Horton Field"

Austin frustrates the hell out me sometimes. However, one of the things I really like about KA is how competitive he is. He hates losing, and it shows. I think that's a good thing.

I think he is a good coach too, but he'll have to hold his temper because when he loses it, clearly, his head is no
longer in the game. He's shown us his dark side several times this season. I wonder what these temper tantrums
do for the moral of his players and assistant coaches.

Get a grip, Kent!

two days after the smoke clears in his final media conference today he took it upon himself to personally apologize to drew. Cmon ppl loossen up on the guy. have we all not said things in haste in the heat of the moment

I'm one of the people who was disappointed by Austin's reaction to Drew at the Cup post-game conference (though I didn't like the question either). Hats off to Austin for offering an apology to Drew. As you say, the dust had settled already, and it's not something Austin had to do, so it was nice to see him do it anyway. :thup: