Kent Austin embarrassed the crap out of Drew on SC!

Good answer Kent!

Congradulations Cats on accomplishing a 10 win season and Grey Cup berth. However can someone please explain how we can have a guy like Gable on our roster and pass 43 times while rushing 6? Get the run going early in the game then you won't get stuck having to pass! Look at the Cats win percentage when CJ gets the ball! Please Caretaker pass this info on for next season!

What was the Question, what was the answer?

its the one withe the pic of kent austin

My interenet here at work is slow, the vid won't load :?

"Do you feel you have this team pointed in the right direction after one year?"

Kind of a Captain Obvious question. :roll:

Austin can be a bit of an ass at times. It wasn't a great question, but he could have used it as a gateway to talk about positives. I mean he just finished acknowledging that there were obvious deficiencies. So to then refer to the question as an obvious disservice to the players...well he already did that part. Still better then Cortez' answering. lol

Good on you Austin!

I swear, I normally like TSN's coverage of the CFL, but this year the entire media perpetually ragged on the Ti-Cats this year. We went from last place in the league to East division champions. I mean I get it for the Grey Cup, being vs Sask in Sask, and that Sask brings in the ratings so you want to make their fans feel good, but to say after the Grey Cup "You still feel this team is getting better?" is not only disrespectful, but to me epitomizes this mentality that Hamilton is nothing more then the whipping boy of the CFL and our fair city doesn't deserve to be there. It's bull and I'm glad someone had the balls to call it out for what it is.

We need a dynasty once again. That's the only way we'll get the real respect we deserve with this media. Hope Austin sticks around to help us create one.

It was a lazy question, but instead of taking it as an open-ended invitation to say something positive about his team's season (and let Drew save face), Austin decided to read antagonism into it and attack Drew. I appreciate that Austin was having a bad day, but the person who should be most embarrassed over that exchange is Austin. Particularly where reporters are concerned, it is wise to contemplate Hanlon's razor: never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

Drew Edwards was the one asking the question…

Doesn't change the fact the media as a whole has been ragging on the Ti-Cats. The answer of this question is obvious, unworthy and frankly implies that the East division champs aren't there because they deserve to be there. I'm far more inclined to side with Austin then Edwards on this one.

I thought it was a great answer and showed a lot about the kind of guy Austin is. He wants more for this team and is proud of what these guys accomplished this year and wants people to know that. And he got us here by demanding excellence and effort from his players - and no lazy mental mistakes otherwise you are replaced. He has no patience for stupidity and laziness with his players and it seems he treats the media the exact same way. Every other question was reasonable and he gave thoughtful reasonable answers. Drew's question was just dumb and deserved to be answered that way. And he answered it in a way defending the players he was proud of. I've got no problem with that.

From last place last season (and a 1 - 4 start this season) all the way to the Grey Cup game. Not only does he have things going in the right direction he's moved things a good way down the road in the right direction to our ultimate destination - a championship. Well done sir!

Can't wait for next season now!

I don't totally agree with your post.
Without Gable's exceptional catch and run in the last few minutes and the pass interference call that wasn't called late in the game against the Als, we might not have beaten them.
Without a surge from our D, something we haven't seen to that degree all season in the 2nd half against the Arblows, again we might not have won.
This team has some deficiencies that Austin acknowledged. Yes, they are headed in the right direction to most. But, why call out a home beat reporter on a question you could have expanded on instead of stating his name and treating the question like it was an insult to a team he had already acknowledged had deficiencies. Watch the entire vid and hear what he had acknowledged about the deficiencies.
Like I said, he can be a bit of an ass. But, so was Sazio. :twisted:

As a college student, I had an opportunity to meet and interview Ralph Sazio. A nice and gracious person. However, in the ensuing discussion, I brought forward what, afterward, I saw as a dumb question. Mr. Sazio corrected me instantly and without mercy. At the time, I was embarrassed. Later, looking back on it, he taught me a very important lesson.

It wasn't the best question at all, maybe something like "Kent you obviously have this team pointed in the right direction. What changes do you think are required to get to the next level to be able to win the Grey Cup?" Something like that.
Anyways, I think any reporter knows that after an emotional loss in a big game like this, anything can be said.

I got no problem with his answer he's sticking up for his guys.

It is easy to pick on the orphan, and now we will have our own home, that better bring some respect back. :slight_smile:

I'm sure we'll all be brown-nosing Austin for years to come but the guy could show a little more class when being interviewed. If he thinks it's a stupid question then it's not that hard to choose your words a little more carefully instead of coming across as terse and arrogant. Most of us understand what Drew Edwards was getting at when he asked that question and Austin didn't need to respond like that at all. Austin could have politely responded with something like. "Why yes I think this team is headed in the right direction and with a little tweaking in the off-season we'll be back at the Grey Cup in 2014." There you go. Situation diffused and no need for this thread.

This wasn't the first interview in which Kent Austin made an ass of himself. He doesn't know how to lose
and when interviewed while things aren't going well, he tends to get very abrasive with the reporters. Drew's
question was put out there for the fans, not for himself. Austin had an opportunity to say, "This team will get
better and we fully expect to be back here next year under different circumstances." (or something to that effect)
But poor loser that he is, Austin used the occasion to rag on a very good Hamilton reporter.
Kent needs to acquire more people skills.