Kent Austin - Coach of the Year.


It is quite clear Austin is hands down the coach of the year. Losing Kenton Keith and Dominguez yet leading the Riders to the Grey Cup - clearly the Coach of the Year!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riders Rule :rockin:

On behalf of the GREY CUP DEFENDING CHAMPIONS yeah he should get the coach of the year award no doubt. But if your saying he should get it because of injuries theres 7 other teams that could argue that. Injuries are part of the game and so is losing player to the USA . The road to the Grey cup goes through BC. You will find that out in 7 days.


No your wrong 7 teams can't say that, there are only 4 teams that can the one's that are still playing, and we all know you Lion fans are worried, you were all hoping it would be Calgary coming to town, move over Vancouver, Rider Nation is invading B.C. Place Stadium. Time to show you what football fans are really about

Lions fan here! No worries here!

What exactly do the lions fans have to worry about besides the fact that any team has the potential to win any game....thats why they play them and thats the same for every team.

Lions have every advantage going in, home field, best record, season series vs riders, depth, ability to win many games even when they dont play well, most the players from last year back to defend their grey cup.

the lions have a lot going for them going into this game. Why would anyone be worried? Keep believing that if it makes you feel better about your chances.

Any team can win the cup, but we have fake, pumped in noise on our side because we dont like to raise our voices LOL. :smiley:

I agree. Austin wins. But Buono has done great this year. 3 quarterbacks. Riders have over come injuries to. Dominguez. Szarka. Cates. Washington. Stancil. 3 or 4 others for whole year. Austin should win. But Buono is the best coach in CFL. His record in Calgary and BC says the best. We should shut up trash talk. Lions are champs until we beat them. If we beat them. Wish I could be there.

Pinball will get consideration, as always. He did stage a pretty good comeback in the second half of the season. If he announces his retirement from coaching (again), he'll have sentimentality going for him as well.

Buono will also be a finalist.

Personally I would vote for Austin.

I think it will boil down to Austin or Wally. Pinball while doing good, hasn’t had any significant issues to deal with this year. It was more of the same.

I think Austin may get the nod, if Saskatchewan get by BC just because he coached the team to the next level.

I think Wally B may get the nod for keeping his team in it early when they could have easily folded the tent. However, the knock on him will be how he handles the Jimenez incident. If he sits him or tells him to sit (if there is a suspension), then he looks good. However, he is not looking so good right now with how he has defended him. He had the same problem earlier in the year with the fight with Sask. Saying the players should be allowed to play and be rough until the whistle goes only goes so far if people don’t think you are dirty or condoning dirty play.

When do they vote for COY?

The Argos went 9-1 in the latter part of the season. Definitely impressive.

But I think I would give the nod to Austin just because the Riders made the biggest turnaround.