Kent Austin Call The Office

If you're actually a consulatant. Please consult.

Zero sense of urgency at home after two ugly losses ?
Offense is regressing. Too easy to defend against.
Unless it's Tasker absence...
This team is going nowhere.

After seeing what Austin did to the offence last year, I really don't want him anywhere near it.

Life on Jones' beach club it's hard to go to back to a coach who stresses accountability. I get that.

What about Austin's lack of accountability to even try to establish a ground game? I don't think you get THAT.

Shorts and sandals vs shirt and tie. No contest. But team reflects the environment set by the coach.

Reaping rewards now.

Yeah, way to not even address Austin's issues. Maybe stick to posting your "Ticats wake up" line. ::slight_smile:

I'm not saying Jones is great, but whether you like it or not, Austin screwed up by failing to adjust his approach & lost his job for it. If Jones isn't smart, he'll go the same way.

Yes, coaching failures, and refusing to tolerate ineffectiveness. Thank you for helping to make my point.

The deficiency in your argument is not the point you're trying to make about Jones, but rather trying to assert that Austin is/was any better.

He got turfed because he failed to realize it & you're still defending him? I'm guessing it's because he's more like the "old school" Jim Trimble/Ralph Sazio mould that no longer fits in today's football, but holds a sentimental place in your heart?

Jones is a better CFL coach than Kent Austin is pretty much a discussion ender if you really believe that.

I'm not asking Austin to come back. I'm asking him to consult , euphemistically, because the team needs it

Do you know what Austin and Jones has in common??? TILLMAN, MITCHEL enough said.

In hindsight there was enough evidence team could make a go with it with Jones and Masoli. Which explains why Jones got full control.

But today the organization has to show football and business sense that the current approach has no future.

They sensed it with Cortez and Austin. Need to do the same here.

No there wasn't. Jones beat Toronto and Ottawa by 2 and 4 points respectively and later had those wins revenged upon by both of those teams. He squeezed past BC by 1 point and beat the tire fire Als twice. He lost to Saskatchewan and Calgary and produced one solid win against Winnipeg.

He won 6/10 and those wins against Montreal should have been automatic. It was a recipe for a .500 team then. If make a go, you mean get another 0.500 or barely better record and squeak into the playoffs of the back of a weak east division, then yes.

If you pointed out at the time Jones was a mirage then good on you.

You can argue that a change had to be made, and you can argue that Austin's time was up, but to suggest Jones is a better coach is plain wrong. The guy won a grey cup and went to 2 more. Jones will be lucky to make the playoffs this year.

Austin is ancient history. Page is turned.

Purpose of the thread was half jokingly to request the consultant to do some consulting because they need it.

If it was someone else that name would have been used.

However, If one thinks this team doesn't need an Austin style kick in the ass and or some spit and polish then there isn't much to say.

Edwards tweets Austin was in the house today.

Edwards also tweeted offense was "mostly" terrible.

Hate to see what would remove Edwards' qualifier of "mostly"

Whoa, nelly.

I'm not suggesting Jones is a better coach.

After all, Austin got us to 2 Grey Cups before the bottom fell out. And the bottom fell out because for whatever reason, Austin refused to recognize that he had to change what he was doing. I believe it was due to his ego, because he had the same issue when he was the OC in Toronto.

You're right I think, that a change had to be made last year & Jones seized that opportunity. Right now, he's fallen into the same rut as Austin was in, failing to change what he's doing when the opposing D takes it away. It remains to be seen if he's capable of recognizing that & making the necessary changes; if not, it won't be due to his ego, because he doesn't seem to be that type.

Where Dork's argument falls down is in him excoriating Jones for it, but not applying that to Austin as well. It's hypocritical, and it waters down the point when it is in fact valid against both of them.

Good for me! Here's a post back in November last year. Quote enclosed.

Also, I reject the argument that we were trending to towards the playoffs, so everything is fine. The only win of substance was over Winnipeg, the other wins were either immediately revenged upon by the teams we beat, or were against the train wreck that is the Als. All of those teams also were at the bottom of the standings except for Winnipeg. That to me screams a performance for a 0.500 season or worse. Also, trending towards the playoffs doesn't mean squat when you still fail to make them.

Fair - I took your previous post as suggesting Jones is a better coach.

Realistically the worst thing that could have happened is we went 6-4 to end the season. This team needed a blow up and that finish made us believe we were better than we were.

From HC - to QB - to REC.

Prophets are never heralded in their own time.