Kent Austin being sued by Cornell

And Bob Young company who owns the Tiger-Cats bought Austins New York home off Austin to accelerate the move for Austin to Hamilton. Money was then expected to be returned as a termination penalty to Cornell which has yet to be paid.

Austin was given the house part of his salary and then the Tiger-Cats owner bought it off Austin which is deemed as a LLC transfer title agreement which taxes were to be paid. Austin promised the portion of the amount to be credited was to be returned 60 days after he terminated his contract.

Austin received a $350,000 bonus the day he signed in Hamilton and another $250,000 on June 3rd and $25,000 on July 3th.

The Tiger-Cats are a complete mess, to bad as they have some excellent fans and the best fan base in the east.

They are having daily debacles.

Consistent losing will do that to any team. I can't even remember the last time the 'Cats won a game.

For rpaege :
The last Win........Fri. Oct. 21 , 2016 @ Ottawa....Final score 39-36 (2ot) :o
The record since that last Win.....0 Wins 11 Losses :cry:
The record since Labour Day last season...Mon 5 / 2016.....2 Wins 15 Loses :-[
The last home Win at THF.....Fri. Sept 16 / 2016 vs Mtl... Home record since 0 Wins 9 Losses . ???
For Preisst :
I thank you for your kind words and support BUT saying that the Cats are a complete mess is being far to kind and mild to say the least. This team has in a short space of time somehow managed to morph into one part Cleveland Browns and one part Ottawa Renegades . They are right now without a doubt the WORST football franchise on either side of the border . They should really think about changing their name from the Ti-Cats to a more appropriate name such as the Hamilton Brown-Egades . I'm actually embarrassed and ashamed to say that I'm a fan of this team right now and honestly I can't see things getting any better here for a long , long time with the absolute MORONIC INCOMPETENT IDIOTS that this team has in this (dis)organization . The whole lot of them have to go. Scott Mitchell , Eric Tailspin , Kent Austin , June Jones....Pink slip all their asses ASAP !!! .(insert several thumbs down here )

Last Ticat home win - Sept 16

Time for Bob Young to put his daily viewings of The Beverley Hillbillies on hold - and make another earnest but chortling apology to cats fans. This is getting ridiculous.

At least in Winnipeg the criminals fessed up about stealing over 200 million from Sadsack Selinger (the premier at the time) to build a brand new but poorly constructed facility! Guys like Asper, Miller, Lord Lyle Bauer, etc. were besides themselves with glee after Asper had pulled the wool over Selinger's eyes - and got the stadium built - WITHOUT ONE PENNY OF PRIVATE CAPITAL.

The final insult - Asper, who was promoting his own stadium facility in the downtown area (he had a stadium generating software program) was given a cheque for over 6.5 million dollars for simply retiring his stadium-generating software and hitching a ride to the new stadium.

The Bombers were for 20+ years much like the Ticats are now. . . . . . without the controversial characters like Reinbold, Austin, Mitchell, Briles, etc. (o my, we did have Reinbold, didn't we?) . . . . the bombers may have had cleaner characters but those characters weren't really football men, just clowns, mopes & hobos. (Ken Bishop, Asper, Bauer, Bellefieulle, Timbo Burke, Hillbilly Jim Bell, Barf Buchko, etc.) who just cashed routine government subsidized pay cheques until they hit the bonanza with Asper's play on the premier.

Both Cornell officials and Kent Austin said the matter has been resolved.

Don’t feed the trolls

Although trolls do provide comic relief from time to time I must say. :wink:

Yeah I guess they can but feeding this guy only makes him feel important and he probable thinks we are stupid for believing him

Like the Cats, the Als are in a whole lot of trouble. These two franchises must get their act together for the league as a whole. Toronto's mediocre attendance are problematic but at least they field a decent team which may grow into a strong competitor then I hope the T.O. fans could very well come back despite the Toronto media.

He was warned and banned last year but under the name Access_Media - he was warned about posting without sources or links etc. Now he is back as Action News:

I'm pretty busy with the run-up to the Grey Cup myself, but I've been aware of the issue here.

Access_Media, I appreciate your vigour for the CFL (and these forums), but I do think that you're going to have to start citing sources for your rumours; a web link, a video clip, a person at the league or a team you talked to, anything. Alternatively if you want to state these things as "I think that X is going to happen because of Y" that's fine, but you've been making statements of fact that are simply incorrect.

Reporters working the CFL beat at traditional media companies are sometimes incorrect - but believe me, they get it right alot, and typically are expected by their editors to have multiple sources corroborate something before they "print" it. And I believe they also usually contact the league or the team in question to ask them for comment. If you're looking to do this professionally, you need to start to do the same.

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