Kent Austin being sued by Cornell

Stay tuned for more details as the incredible story of the Tiger-Cats is being told live tonight on the Tonight Show.

And Bob Young company who owns the Tiger-Cats bought Austins New York home off Austin to accelerate the move for Austin to Hamilton. Money was then expected to be returned as a termination penalty to Cornell which has yet to be paid.

Austin was given the house part of his salary and then the Tiger-Cats owner bought it off Austin which is deemed as a LLC transfer title agreement which taxes were to be paid. Austin promised the portion of the amount to be credited was to be returned 60 days after he terminated his contract.

Austin received a $350,000 bonus the day he signed in Hamilton and another $250,000 on June 3rd and $25,000 on July 3th.

On December 17, 2012 Austin signed as the head coach and GM of The Hamilton Tiger-Cats
why did Cornell wait 5 years to sue Austin ?

Cornell was probably told that the cheque's in the mail but never arrived?

The schools Athletic director said he could delay payment until the sale of his house was completed. It was sold to a company owned by Bob Young in April 2016.

Why does anyone even care. This is not Anyone's business but Austins. Has no effect on the Cats.

Absolutely right. What's next? We don't like his choice of pets?

When you work in the public eye like Austin does, you have to expect things like this to be reported on. I don't really think this story means much, but it's definitely newsworthy.

Cornell probably didn't know where Austin was until Art Briles explosion!!!

In normal circumstances I would agree, but what has transpired over the past few days this just further shows the type of characters that are in this organization currently.

The thing that gets me is the fight Austin put up with Chris Williams about not honoring his contract. Now here we are a few years later Austin won't honor part of a past contract.

  1. Amazing Habsfan, you just can't give up and stay off this forum, despite saying 2 days ago that
    you have NO more respect for this organization, and will not support them again !!

You later stated that you only meant with your wallet, like you won't attend any more games
or buy any merchandise !! Halarious you are a phony !!

And crying that you have a little girl, and you are taking your stand to defend her and all
women's integrity due to the Briles incident !! UNREAL.

You have NO credibility at all....NONE.

At least the other poster, "myhometeam" had the integrity to stay off this site after he made
his feelings evident, which were similar to yours ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: He I have respect for !!

Yet you continue to attack the Tiger Cat organization and now Austin at every opportunity !!

None of my business. Austin and the Tiger Cats have enough problems and there will always be "dirty" laundry regardless who at the helm.

Well said.

Amen. Well said.

You still here? Boy, you sure love bad news about the Ticats. You also said you were leaving and then didn't. Makes me wonder what your real motives are.

Both Cornell officials and Kent Austin said the matter has been resolved.