Kent Austin Article

As I noted earlier, 1 of the 4. Same number as U of T.

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I broke no rule. I attacked no one. In fact the last two posts have attacked and labelled me, but I don't give a rat's ass. There is tons that I COULD have said in response to all who have quoted me in this thread (and none of it would break any rules) yet I have restrained as wading into the details of something dead and buried 8 years ago is hardly worth it.

But, somehow, you felt "heheh, hahaha" was important enough to post.

No one replied to that. No one questioned that ... until now.

And what rule does that break?

A cheap troll on another teams fan board and people take it the wrong way. Weird, right ?

Fine keep attacking me. I don't care.

But you still didn't answer? What rule did I break?

The one about "Safe Haven", and the one about "Trolling".

Need I list any more?


But trolling is against the rules and you do nothing but troll.... Now on life time ignore. Welcome to the club... Strange thing is, a scant few cow town fans are accounting for the biggest trolling factor on these forums and everyone of you claim to be follow the rules and to be perfect angels.