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Good to see KA thriving down south.


Austin is under-employed as an assistant OC.
He has a lot of experience to add to a program.


But he coached in the CFL, which to his American peers makes him an amateur. And that was probably his best job offer because of that.

He was the O Coordinator at Ole Miss. Which would be seen as a superior job to a CFL head coaching gig in the college circles.

He went to liberty as he is close with Hugh Freeze.

Here is the information that I posted in the "QB Whisperer" thread a few weeks after the Grey Cup game . . .



Dec '21

In a unique twist to the original subject for this thread, another former HC, Kent Austin , was seemingly "exiled" to tiny Liberty University in Virginia, where he has served as the OC & QB's coach since 2019. Although the Liberty Flames are not associated with any football conference (ie. they are independent, like Notre Dame, but not near their level of play) , yet they have been invited to participate in a Bowl game in each of Austin's 3 seasons at Liberty U. I believe they may have won each of their Bowl games in that stretch . . .

But getting back to the "QB whisperer" topic, Kent Austin's name is getting mentioned as a result of his QB, Malik Willis . Willis is an athletic QB who transferred from Auburn (where he did not get any playing time) , to LibertyU. Kent Austin is getting a lot of credit for turning Willis into a potential 1st Round NFL draft pick over the course of two seasons. Willis was strictly a "scout team" QB in 2019, and has only been the starting QB since 2020.

I don't know much about Willis, but I believe he is more of a scrambling QB, which seems to be more and more prevalent in the NFL. This upcoming draft is being characterized as missing top end QB talent. I wonder if June Jones will choose to opine on Malik Willis over the next few months.

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I guess so, but many Americans in football do indeed look down on anyone or anything CFL.

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Yes they do. You are so right about that. But those Americans who get a proper dose of CFL at just the right time respond quite well to treatment. This Youtube video posted just after the 2021 Grey Cup is a perfect example of what can happen if a Canadian football fan goes out of his or her way to get an American to experience the whole package:

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Austin will end up being HC at Liberty or a mid to large size program in the South. Future is bright. Hes earned it.

He's a brilliant offensive mind (when he doesn't outsmart himself). Now if only he was a more likeable guy, then he could actually be a decent leader of men and therefore a really good coach. Until then, he's strictly a position guy/coordinator at best.

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Is this a joke?
He delivered Sask a Grey Cup. Exactly 25% (33 at the time) of the Grey Cups they have in 110 or so years. For a team with as many Cups as the U of T I think that's worthy of more than "strictly a positional guy"

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Fun fact .

If you go to the 12:37 mark of this video the crazy fan dressed up in the Grey Cup costume is the mother of my sons girlfriend . :rofl: :crazy_face:

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Ahhh, she's dressed up as the 'Cup'. Nice. At the end of the game you could've dressed up as an RCMP officer and presented her to the Bombers as they left the stadium. "She's yours to take home!"

That's one way to get rid of your in-laws. :partying_face:


TigerLady, she often sits with the Cat in the Hat guy. She is great!!


Yup that's good old nutty Sandy . I actually never saw her at the game but came across this while viewing the video . I phoned my son and told him about it and we both had a good laugh over it . We were actually sitting on the opposite side of the stadium than she was at the Grey Cup .

Here's another shot of her at a game earlier in the season sans Grey Cup regalia . :laughing: :laughing:


I wonder :thinking:
How much was the bribe cheque for along with the tape to throw that friggen flag!!



What does this have to do with the thread ... other than Kent Austin whining?

Austin was the HC, there was no "whining"
Game Officials accepting tapes highliting iffy infractions from the opposing team the week before the Grey Cup seems suspicious


Heh heh, hahahaha!

Troll away...

I guess you missed the rule where team forums are safe havens for fans of that team. If you don't like what's being discussed here, then don't visit. Solved.

Also, if you have such an issue with Austin, then you should ask the Riders to give back their 2007 cup that he won for them.

The confusion within you is staggeringly embarrassing.