"Ken's Kanada".....Year in review from Peters.....

Here's Ticats beat reporter Ken Peters in todays Spectator..........-year in review-

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Here's a gem from this article:

"* Bengal brouhaha: Ticat fans roast Ken Peters on the Cats website and implore him to stop calling the Tiger-Cats the Balsam Avenue North Bengals."


Meaning he knows the fans want him to stop doing it... and continues to ignore the public.

Time to remove this clown and find another beat writer.

Ken has to be the worst beat writer in football... at any level. I'm positive that the Spec' can find someone more talented than this chump, but simply choose not to because management finds the angry letters in their email amusing.

"* Best quote: This one was easy. It comes courtesy of interim Ticat head coach Ron Lancaster after the Cats were routed 20-2 by the Argos last August to fall to 2-7. Lancaster let this gem fly after I reminded him that his club had gone eight quarters without scoring a touchdown at home. 'I don't care about that. We aren't playing worth a damn offensively. I don't need somebody to keep telling me, 'You haven't scored a touchdown in eight quarters.' We aren't doing anything in eight quarters. You have a unique grasp of the obvious.'"

Ron pretty much summed up Ken's career to this point.

Also, Ken, you're a little mistaken. We don't want you to stop using your witty little alliterative quirps. Oh no, that's not the case. What we want is for you to stop writing. Period. You just don't have what it takes, man. I honestly do not know how you made it through Carlton -- presumably for journalism -- but you certainly are not a very good journalist.

I think I speak for the majority when I say that Ken Peters is absolutely brutal.

As much as I wanted to read the article (because it was about the Ti-Cats), I just couldn't (because of who wrote it)

We need more Milton! Puhlease!

Have just finished reading that article from start to finish. It actually made my day.
It made me realize how lucky I am to now live somewhere else. If I were in Hamilton, I might be tempted to read this infantile stuff on a daily basis.

My hat's off to you people who put up with this c**p daily.

Surely the Spec could find something better!!!

I didn't read that (couldn't be bothered) but I do have to give Ken credit for the piece no Maeko. When I began to read it I actually said to myself "this can't be Ken Peters" and went back and read the byline. It was quite well-written. The sampling I've read of this one is enough to make me not read all of it.

Here's hoping that Torstar takes Ken off the Ti-Cat beat next year. Although his writing skills suit a one newspaper town, he has gotten in the face of the club and the fans a few times. That's something you don't often see in a one newspaper town.

I miss JD.

Things that make you go...hmmmm?

People won't read an article
associated with their beloved Ticats
because Ken Peters wrote it

and they fear thay will be exposed
to one of Ken's corny alliterations.

Do you guys feel the same way about
Don Cherry's sidekick Ron MacLean

when you see the obvious glee
he gets from his use of puns
on Hockey Night In Canada?

Psssst...Today Ken's article
reads much like Craig Smith's blog

People here rave about those.

Maybe you are missing something. :smiley:

No. Ron MacLean usually has one little pun at the end of their segment.

Ron MacLean is very intelligent. thought provoking and isightful.

Ken Lost All his Credibility
When he went on CH
He Talk to Bubba on Sports Scope
Flapping his lose Lips..
He Lambasted the Ticats and Shamed Him Self into and Apology later that Month..

With Bubba Later Putting His Shame on Same Station that Air the Dirty Laundry in the 1st place.

To Quote Bugs Bunny What a a Maroon...:slight_smile:

Nice Job Ken Quit please !!!!

If it's news about the Ticats, I read it. I certainly didn't need a recap of this season though. :smiley: :wink:

Quote..."Ron MacLean is very intelligent, thought provoking, and insightful."

Are we thinking about the same guy ?
The Ron MacLean I know is somebody different. He gets paid over $700,000 per year, from our taxes, to torture us with his self-designated humour.
His puns are atrocious, and he violates every rule for punsters.

First, a punster should never laugh. He must remain stone-faced, as if having inadvertantly said something funny and intelligent.
The listeners, also, should never laugh. A pun is greeted with only groans, the better the pun, the louder the groans. Laughter is permitted, but only after the punster has left; he already has his reward.

Ron breaks all these protocols, smirking as if to say, "See what a clever and funny guy I am?"

When the CBC goes belly-up, one of the benefits will be never having to put up with him while trying to enjoy a hockey game.

Gotta disagree with you there. I don't think much of KP's writing, for the reasons often cited, but I think he was dead on with that one.

A handful of games in, when everyone else was wondering "what is this crap" but still hoping guys would "gel", KP offered his opinion - no discipline, no pride, no leadership - for which he had his testicles run up a flagpole. He apologized, because he had to apologize to continue doing his job.

As the weeks passed and the team continued to stink, many other people within and outside of the organization said the same thing - no discipline, no pride, no leadership. And because (I assume) by that time even the irrationally optimistic had lost hope, everyone else that spoke up (among them Lancaster, Lumsdem, Belli, Moreale, DesJardins) was lauded for having the courage to speak the truth.

IMO sometimes, even if you hate the messenger, there may be something in his message worth listining to.

McLean is a dud. A CBC deadhead who for some reason thinks he is the guardian of what he thinks hockey should be. Who made him NHL Commissioner? Don Cherry's whipping boy. Who else would let Cherry call him an idiot on nation-wide tv? he has no pride. He uses the CBC as his personal soapbox to flog his pet issues ad nauseum. And talk about homers!! When the NHL was on strike, the CBC should've used the opportunity to sweep the house clean of these relics (e.g. Cherry, McLean, Neale, Bowen...) from the Dark Ages.

An Argo fan

I like Cherry, even if he's wrong... he's the only entertaining part of the CBC's broadcast.

MacLean may be a homer and a foil for a loudmouth, but he doesn't use the same pun over... and over... and over... and over...

I did read Kenny's article, and while it's holiday fluff I think it's the best thing he's ever written. Unfortunately that is not high praise for a team beat reporter.

That was a surprisingly good read. KP left out all of the crap and spoke English for a change.

I've been off line for a while and wouldn't you know, I'd come back to this bulls--t.
You Ken Peters bashers need to get a hobby orconsider going to school to take lessons in etiquette or whatever. It's always the same people who criticize Peters and the thread is generally started by a nice guy like Mikey who does it to get a rise out of you morons.
You can bet, Mikey is laughing his head off as I write this.
Listen folks, The article that is under discussion in this thread was submitted by Peters for laughs. Any imbecile can tell at a glance that it's all tongue in cheek humour.
I find very little fault in Ken's submissions to the Spectator, but there are plenty of problems with some of his readers, who, although they profess to hate him, continue to read every story he writes.

I'll say something to you regarding this topic that I've said many times in the past, "GIVE IT A REST."

When there isn't much press about your favourite team to begin with, are you going to avoid reading what little press there is?

Do like I do....if you think there's a void in coverage, just start writing your own column for local community newspapers....it's fun, sharpens your writing and creative skills and helps get more people interested in the team from the outlying areas....

Here's a sample of what I do for three community newspapers with a total of 30,000 readers....this is from 2005.

(of course this is only the draft but the final product in the papers looks real cool with Ticat logos and nice headlines....)

Give it a try because I think there's a lot of writing talent out there.....

Tiger-Cat Talk

by Mike *******

If Ticat kicker Jamie Borehams crushing hit on Winnipeg kick returner Giles Colon wasn't an indication that the tide had turned for the Tabbies, then maybe it was the stellar performance by Hamilton quarterback Danny McManus.
Danny Mac completed 20 of 29 passes for 441 yards and was directly or indirectly responsible for five, count 'em, five Tiger-Cat touchdowns en route to the team's first victory of the 2005 season. This by hanging on to a 41-39 win over the visiting Winnipeg Blue Bombers in front of a near capacity, delirious crowd at Ivor Wynne Stadium last Friday night.

It was a night of huge individual efforts by the likes of DJ Flick (2 touchdowns and many key catches), fellow receivers Mike Morreale, Kamau Peterson. Back-up quarterback Khari Jones also played a key role by coming in for short yardage situations and was near perfect in execution including one rushing touchdown. The entire offensive line and some key defensive plays and interceptions in the backfield added to the overall effort. Besides Boreham lighting up the field with his hitting prowess, he was near perfect in his kicking game including two huge, perfectly placed punts near the end of the game to keep the Bombers out of reach of a winning field goal. Fun stuff for sure !

Now to even better news!
The game all Hamilton waits for is upon us. That's right, this Monday September 5th sees the annual Labour Day Classic between the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the Toronto Argonauts in the "Jungle" on Balsam Avenue. You just know that Coach Greg Marshall and all of the assistant coaches will have the team pumped up and prepared for this game and with the expected sell out in the stands acting as the "13th man", the hated Argos have a few things to be concerned about.

All the action starts early as even though kickoff isn't scheduled until 5:45 pm, the gates open at 3:45 pm for the usual pre-game activities in the west end zone featuring live entertainment. The atmosphere is carnival-like and is a great way to meet your friends, fellow fans and even some of the Tiger-Cat office staff to answer any of your questions. And make sure you visit the "Cats Claws" face painting stations on both sides of the stadium. A donation towards their fundraising activities and painting supplies is always appreciated.

The usual on-field unveiling of the world's largest Canadian Flag compliments the National Anthem. If you haven't seen this, it's quite a sight. It requires appoximately 200 Air Cadets to carry the flag into the stadium which gives you an indication as to how big this flag actually is.

And here's something thats really neat. Artist Todd Dawes will create a commemorative painting that will be completed during the game. The painting will be signed by The Hamilton Tiger-Cats team and then auctioned off after the game for CH Raise-a-Reader in support of family literacy.
Half time will include a special event on the field with the appearance of the Purina Pro Plan Dog Star Show. This should be fun!
As usual, 900 CHML will carry all the play by play with their pre-game show starting at 5:00 pm. Tune in after the game for exciting "Fifth Quarter" with Ted Michaels where fans can chat about the game. (905) 645-3221, or free by cell at *9900. You can also e-mail Ted at tmichaels@900chml. Don't forget to listen this Sunday to the "Sunday Tiger-Cat Show" at 12:05 pm.. Go to www.900chml.com if you want to listen to the game "on-line' or to check out the "Tiger-Cat Nation" page.
Hope to see you on Labour Day!
Oskee Wee Wee!
For tickets, call (905) 547- CATS
Go to www.ticats.ca for all your other Tiger-Cat needs.

Mike ******* is a resident of ******** and long time Tiger-Cat fan