Kenny's QBs.

Re: Spec article.
Mike Kerrigan: "led the club to its first GC victory in 14 years with a win over Winnipeg?
If you're old enough to remember, even if you didnt follow the team like it was life or death or even just mildly interested how in hades could you forget the 86 Cup vs. Matt Dunnigan and the Eskimos.

Kenny,(and your editor who missed it too) this is why you get the kind of mail you do.

And you are surprised why???

Can you say Balsam Avenue Bengal Bumpers 3 times fast?
He drives me crazy!!! :roll:

I don't know if KP just makes up his stuff or what sometimes.

He also says in the article that Tom Clements played for two seasons in Saskatchewan.

In fact, after being traded by Ottawa to Saskatchewan after the 1978 season, Clements only played out west for a part of 1979 before coming to Hamilton. He went to KC in the NFL in 1980 (we went with Dave Marler that year and made it to the Cup but got crushed by Edmonton in the most lopsided championship game ever) and then came back to Hamilton in 1981 for three more seasons.

Exactly. Peters can laugh off criticism of his puns etc. but how can you muff one of the seminal moments in the franchise's history in a generation, if not of all time?
Not knowing is bad enough but simply not picking up his team media guide or league guide is baffling.

exactly, I know that there has been many arguments over using the term "bush league" but that term fits perfectly with his reporting "skills". Why does he still have his job?

Just for the record I believe that the single picture of Bernie Faloney is in a BC Lions sweater which is pretty sad our Spec staff could not come up with a picture with perhaps our greatest qb in a Ti-Cat sweater :frowning:

Good catch derrell. I missed that totally.

Shame on the Spectator. Not only do you have arguably the worst sports reporter in KP in Canada, but for someone (editor,perhaps?) to print a picture of BF in a Lions uniform, well that's just disgraceful in my opinion.