Kenny wants Jesse back in '09

I waste my time posting to Ken's catchat blog
in the Spec but my comments never get posted

so I am posting them here.

Some people whine because Jesse is
playing out his option this year

Big deal! That's what smart football players do
when they are blessed with the talent he has.

He had to look out for himself.

He believed he would put up big numbers
over a whole season and boost his value.

That didn't happen.

He missed lots of games again
and his value didn't increase.

Jess has said that he would like
to remain with the Tiger Cats.

No team is likely to offer him
a contract that is way out of line.

If the Tiger Cats offer Jesse
a decent offer before Feb 15th

to keep in his back pocket
when he hits the open market

we could see him back here next year
without having to break the bank for him.

None of his injuries have been serious enough
to diminish his speed, agility and explosiveness

Every time he returns to play,
he is firing on all cylinders.

All Jesse, all the time, would really be great
but I'll take what he gives us when he can.

Kenny just goes where the wind blows. If Jesse has a bad game he'll adjust his views to fit the climate.

Barely two weeks ago he said: "J. Lumsden? I know the Cats talk about resigning him but does that make sense to give this kid more money when he shows he cant play a full season? I dont think so."

Whatever, Kenny.

Well said. I feel the same way. Jesse will be back and the Cat's will return to former glory and all that it brings or will be brought with it. Cheers to you and yours.

"Jesse has played his last game as a ticat"

Ken Peters - Last week.

I am posting Ken's Oct. 9th blog here
for people who don't have access to it.

October 09, 2008

I want Jesse on our team! I'm going to be upfront with it.

I think it will be a tragedy if the Tiger-Cats don't re-sign Jesse Lumsden.

Yes, yes, yes, I know many of you will post
and point out, quite rightly, his injury history.

But I'll tell you this, when this kid is on his game
there is not a more exciting, more explosive

or better tailback in this league than the Burlington kid.

And I don't know about you but I like being on the edge of my seat
when this kid gets his hands on the rock and turns upfield.

Yes, we have T. Caulley who enjoyed a good season.
We have K. Keith who has played well in the past.
We have T. Smith who I think has a future here.

They're all good. Lumsden is electrifying.

Obie rightfully turned down Edmonton's offer of backups
to try and steal this kid before the trading deadline.

But the Cat GM made it clear that the chances
of Lumsden remaining in Hamilton after this season

rests on how he performs over the
final four regular season games.

That starts Monday in Montreal.

Fair enough!

But the thought that these could be Lumsden's
final four games in Cat colours worries me greatly.

I say we're better off having Lumsden for
half a season than not having him at all.

Look at this season, the kid has missed six
of 14 games but he is still sixth in rushing.

This kid is Burlington-raised, Hamilton-schooled,
comes from solid CFL football pedigree,

is marketable, personable and
a team guy through and through.

I want Jesse on our team.


I have said it before and I will say it again

I might be better off listening to what's being said in bars
rather than reading what Kenny says in the Spectator.

Half the time Kenny's appreciation of
what is going on with the Tiger Cats

is no better than the people who call in
on CHML's Fifth Quarter after any game.

Of course apart from an expert like yourself Ron. :lol:


Why such a highly informed individual like ronfromtigertown isn't yet employed by the Cats is beyond me!

Sorry but I have to agree with Ron, Kenny basically gets paid for doing what we do... talking about facts and coming up with assumptions based on what he sees.

Its really not hard.

So if that's true, why don't you or ronfromtigertown apply for Kenny's job at the Spec? If both you guys all exactly the same thing as he does, and with your impressive resumes, you should get hired right away, no?

Cant speak for Ron but I have my own career and dont need to be a beat writer for a local newspaper writing on the CFL.

What I can say is that I read articles from all CFL cities and Kenny is the worst writer of them all.