Kenny Shaw, Spencer and Jefferson sign with Ottawa.

It's going to be a very long few years. I think they want to run this organization into the ground to be honest. This makes no sense as to their decisions and lack there of. Who would want to sign here? Not confirmed yet about Spencer.
Depressing Feb 14th with hearing about one of my favorite Argos ever in DK Smith passing and now with the team getting gutted.

I really can't help but feel that they want to kill this team.

I feel sick to my stomach.

On the positive side Everyone lost players today and nobody really signed very many.

FA tracker still lists some great young players I would want. I do not know if Jeff Fuller W.R. SSR is still on the market based on the tracker. Looks like he is. Came back from the NFL late last year but is listed as a FA. Tall, fast, young. I would take him over the guys we lost. Also Shakir Bell at only 24 RB and many others. Is the Cap space that restrictive that more could not be signed on day 1.

Your obviously more positive then me. I can't believe we're doing this with a GM and coach. How the hell is Zimmerman supposed to know what the future coach will want in players. This is so backwards and I see last place in the league lining up nicely.

Anyone wanting to come to TO is obviously desperate to save a career.

So after Barker gutted our receiving core last season we had Shaw and Spencer step up really well and now they're gone. Why would anyone ever buy a jersey with a players name and number?

I'm totally sick of the flip flopping of players from year to year. Pro sports isn't what it used to be.

Didn't we let Chad Owens walk to Hamilton because Barker and Milanovich wanted to give Spencer Owen's spot?

A year later, none of them are with the club anyway?

Such short sighted decisions cost the argos their franchise player for nothing.

We've lost seven receivers in a year.