Kenny Rowe

Did anyone even notice that the Riders signed Kenny Rowe in September? This is potentially huge! If anyone watched him lining up his NCAA days you will understand...I can't believe I never noticed the signing before, never mind the fact that he has played.

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I loved watching this guy in as a rush end! I am really excited about this. He can also play as a LB as well.

So the Riders have Rowe (I would have to assume a guaranteed starter next season), Hawkins (if they feel he is good to go and can get him for the right price), Veikune (who looks like he could have some great potential), Williams (who is respectable in in his own rights and a NI)...guess George is the odd man out if Hawkins stays.

Then tackles are Shologan, Evans, Romero.

This DL might be one of the turnaround stories of the year next season!

That'd work well. This way we don't have to go drop huge cash on a free agent or give up a big time player in a trade. We need to focus on resigning Freeman and possibly Fantuz or another receiver of high caliber

I totally agree. Personally, I think the chances of signing Andy are higher than that of Freeman. I think freeman will be NFL bound...he has the talent, not so sure about the size, so we will see if he makes it, but I would be shocked if he does not get a call or 2. I hope Andy comes back, as I do Freeman, but I would be going hard after Pottinger...he is a solid ILB, and NI. This would free up an Import spot for a guy like Hill at WR. I would also try enticing JC into doing another 2 years if Andy is gone. I still believe JC is more than capable of filling that role.

With the potential loss of salary of Andy, Freeman and Simpson, they can really attack the FA market if need be.