Kenny McEachern

I want to know peoples thought on Ken McEachern?
Love him, hate him express your views here.

Great player, class act.
What's not to love?
I'll be pretty surprised if this thread has much controversy.

May I ask what this is about? I probably sound like a complete idiot, but I am ignorant towards the dude...

As a Rider fan, I suggest you do a little research then.
I might be wrong, but didn't he make the Rider All-time team?
Every fan should know who Ken is.

But I concede not knowing what fangirl's point was.

No, i know the dude. I meant (i worded it horribley…) i didnt know what the point was about him as far this thread goes… I guess i was asking what the point was

Then like I said, your guess is as good as mine.
Ken is not a controversial figure and as he hasn't played in 20(?) years, bringing his name up is pretty much out of the blue.

Or does fangirl have a wee crush?
I don't know!