Kenny Loves Timmy.

Kenny exhorts all to start the Chang "hype machine" when he's the one presently priming the engine.

Even if you excluded the general meaninglessness of pre season football how does completing passes to open receivers against a backup defense who werent rushing alot make for "heroics"?

One would think rather than risk yet another credibility-hit Kenny would wait until actual multiple game performances before Chang is labelled the "real deal" again. But we're talking about Kenny here....

Or is he overcompensating for declaring Chang's TC career over when Leak was signed?

The franchise has entered an earnest quest to improve the organization at every level yet the team and fandom has to endure this hackneyed reporting.

Both deserve better.

I love Timmy too.

There's something intangible about him that stands out to me. I hope he sticks around and gets a chance to learn our game and become a starter someday. I love watching the guy play.

I don't think Kenny's lauding Timmy at all. He's comparing it to last year and how he didn't do much after preseason.

You can't argue with how he played. Williams was up against basically the same defence and with possibly a better supporting cast.

I wondered why everyone had written Chang off an anointed Williams number 2. I also don't know why Taaffe still has so much confidence in Jo Jo. Oh ya(sp), he coached him in College. I think that's blind loyalty. Is that the reason we let go Curry in favour of Jo Jo. Now there's someone who proved himself on returns(garnering an special teams player of the week nod) and then was not used on returns the following week on...
He should have at least been invited back to camp.
I don't understand the logic?

It was a lousy football game with Chang being the lone bright spot to a boring night of football, so why attack him for writing about Chang. Unbelievable. lol

From the interviews Chang seems to have a great attitude and I hope he develops into an elite CFL qb. I'm one of the few on here who didn't throw him under the bus after labourday and I'm not going to annoint him anything but i do think he has what it takes to be a very good qb in this league.

It wasnt the "lone bright spot". It was a routine drive in an ex. game against a sub defense that happened to end in a TD. He was doing what QBs are supposed to be doing. So why devote the focus the article to it?
Has the bar been set so low we now have to heap praise on the ordinary ... in an ex. game no less?

That, sir, is what's unbelieveable.

It's the same any league anywhere. Take hockey, some guys from junior can make the transition to a different NHL style and pout and whine and go by the wayside, other guys take a year or two to learn and give it their all and make it or still might not. What I think I'm seeing in Chang is a guy who is willing to do what it takes to be successful, great attitude. Learn. Will he make it and stay? Who knows but he is putting the cards on his side with what appears to be a positive attitude.

I'm guessing because it was the only TD produced by our offense in a smooth and efficient drive that ended up winning the game for us. Yes, nothing spectactular, but at the least, note worthy.

Sure it was noteworthy but to use words like "sparkle" and "magic"?

Anyone who was there last night would you describe it as "magical"? C'mon.

As a comparison look up the MTL Gazette's account of Brad Bank's performance last night. He lit up the Argos and Banks was in a deeper career hole than Chang ever was yet the account of the game was insightful and in perfect porportion of what the game actually meant.
No silliness no cheerleading for player and no allusions. The way it should be.

I think that the game plan wasn't to give too much away at this point as to how our deep game might look in the regular season. So it was magical in the sense perhaps that Change stuck to what the coaching staff wanted and didn't start throwing willy nilly like he is known to do and allowed to do at Hawaii in college. Sometimes there is magic in the not-so-magical.


As a comparison look up the MTL Gazette's account of Brad Bank's performance last night...No silliness no cheerleading for player and no allusions. The way it should be.
I hear ya, and I cannot disagree.

yeah...Ken's writing skills seem to waver from over-dramatic to ridiculous. I like Chang, too...but c'mon.

Oh well...'least he's covering the team...I guess.

Chang is right where he should be at this point in his career as a 2nd year pro--on the depth chart behind Printers and looking to move up. Given time, I think he'll round into a solid CFL QB.

An Argo-Cat fan

Give us a break Zontar. Ken was just using one of the only bright spots as an angle into the story. Quite frankly Chang deserved the praise he got. I've said in earlier posts that after attending a number of training camp days and the B&G game, that Chang looked to be the most consistent QB of the group. And that includes Printers. He did not disappoint last night. I'm not saying it was anything more than it was - a good outing in an exhibition game. But everyone had pretty much the same opportunity and Chang proved to be the best. Ken chose to focus on that for the angle of his story while Milton focused on Printers.Nothing more than that.
I thought Printers looked good too.


I've not gone to any training camp practices, but a friend who has, has said the exact same thing.

Tre Smith was 50% responsible for that TD drive with two big rushes not including his touchdown that Kenny never bothered to mention which makes Kenny's cheerleading for Timmy even more unbalanced and silly.

Hmmmm if it was easy for Chang as you say then what was Williams problem then if there was no rush ?? He couldnt even get the ball snapped properly or on time !!!!

Never said it was easy. But it sure wasnt "magical" and he sure didnt do it all himself.

Perspective, people, perspective.

Well what QB in the history of football has done it himself ?? Chang was impressive no matter who he was on the field with or against .

He deserves more time next week and i`ll tell you Williams needs to do a much better job if he wants the second string job . I dont know what kind of money he makes but if it`s good money,  he wont be on the team if he doesnt move the ball next week .

Chang also SHOULD of had 7 points with the throw he made to Walker that was dropped . There is another player that better play better next game !!!

Yes, perspective is the operative word here since a word like "magical" is about as subjective as you can get and whatever perspective a writer wants to use with this word is their choice. Beauty, magic, is in the eye of the beholder. I think it's magical I get up every morning but few people here would regard this as magical perhaps. :wink:

Let's give Kenny a break here and let him have some creativity and fun, especially with something that isn't black or white at all. I will say his perfomance wasn't "pure magic", yes, that's a given I think. :wink:

Danny Mac deserves credit for that. He's been preaching to all qb's to just let the system do all the work and stay within it.

So no there is nothing magical about staying within the system and yes it was one drive in a preseason game, but still on paper Chang comes out on top of the qb war. Obviously the filmroom will show a different story and the coaches will evaluate everyone fairly no matter how much noise we make on here or how many Chang gang badges KP hands out.