Kenny Lawler $300k deal w/ Edmonton - Adams to Ott, Ellingson to WPG

Great for the CFL players and shows the need to get the business side under control so players contracts can exceed existing averages!

Great player and surely will make the WEST division even more exciting.

Blue Bombers also lost Adams to Ottawa replacing DA with Greg Ellingson

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Absolutely all the best to Kenny, stay healthy, play well and please have a bad game when playing the Bombers.
Edmonton just got stronger.
Adams/Ellington might be a wash, hard to say


3DN reporting receiver salaries brings Lawler's deal a little bit more down to earth. Seems $165,000 is the average range and makes me assume Lawler has performance bonuses that could push him to the rumored $300,000.

Surprised to see Greg Ellingson 4th highest and at his age given that the Bombers did not have the same money for Andrew Harris.

Jordan and Begleton for the same money as Duke Williams is another Hufnagel coup.

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