Kenny Albert (NFL On FOX) and CFL...

During the Tampa Bay Bucs vs. Indianapolis Colts game, Kenny Albert spoke positively when he brought up that Jeff Garcia (TB) and Kenton Keith (Ind) played in the CFL (unlike Al Michaels and John Madden).

Obviously hes more talented and educated .

And I’ll bet a weeks pay that when they went to commercial…he was chastized and told never to do that again!

Chris Berman always gave the Grey Cup a plug during ESPN's Sunday night football. Even had a hi-lite or two as well.

Yeah. I like Chris Berman because hes good like that

What's weird is that they, the American announcers and stations, should all be praising the CFL as it is a league that plays gridiron where football in general, unlike hockey, baseball, soccer and basketball, are played the world over. You'd think those guys would want to promote the game of football. Berman gets it obviously and maybe some others. But those that don't like Madden are just too thick to get it I guess or they don't care about promoting the game beyond the US border.

From the average American's point of view, is there anything worthwhile beyond any of it's borders?