kenin glenn

You got that right papazoola, you have to admit that us Bomber fans have waited a long time, for this game....we took a beating for a few years, Kevin matured and with a coaching change....she's all coming together...Go Dinwiddie

My first guess is that it will come down to your O-line. With basically a rookie playing QB, you'll need to give him time to make his reads. Your O-line has been excellent this year, but beware that Saskatchewan defence....they got a lot of sacks and hurries against BC on Sunday, and BC's O-line is generally pretty good.....but I do think that is where this game will be won or lost; your O-line against their D-line and LBs.

I agree Madjack, there is some truth to the old saying....The Game is won or lost on the line of scrimmage....if it wasn't true, we'd be playing the ?...I had to edit the cheap shot...

While I agree Kevin Glenn had a great year, I still say it was the product of a great offensive system and great players around him. He wasn't asked to create any opportunities with his feet, or thread the needle into tight coverage. He simply dropped back behind one of the best offensive lines in the league and threw to one of his receivers who always seemed to be open. On the rare occasion they were covered, he could simply swing it out to Charles Roberts. I think Robert's emergence as a bonafide receiving threat is the main reason for Glenn's success. That recieving core, coupled with the best playmaker in the game running out for passes against linebackers, makes the quarterback's job pretty easy. I just don't see Glenn creating offense or making plays out of nothing like some of the other quarterbacks do.