kenin glenn

I am sorry to see what happened to Kevin Glenn. Hopefully the Bombers can still hold the lead.

Sorry about the typo-Kevin Glenn!!!! (too many rums perhaps)

C'mon, Peg...pull this one out...

Glenn, you had a great year...sorry to see it may end for you like this...

YEAH!!!!Hopefully the Riders will play as well as you did today!!!

....tough loss.....BUT ...Dinwiddie surprised the hell out of me....maybe we do have a credible back-up.... :thup: :rockin:

thanks boys. i hope he is ok just as everyone else, but i feel the team will form behind ryan and bring it home next week. hopefully against the green

I must say, iam a hardcore Bomber fan...and Iam very happy we won, but It just doesn't feel that good knowing Kevin is out.

I hope hes ok....if not, Charles is going to have to carry this team on his back in Grey Cup.

Go Blue!

Just heard Doug Berry say he's done for the year broken arm.

Congrats to the Bombers on a great game and a great win. I enjoyed watching them take the win. Sad to see what happened to Kevin Glenn. Good luck at the Cup and hope to see it be another Banjo bowl of the year (with a better outcome for us of course :lol: :wink:

a saying i use at work all the time "it'll be ok." this team has to form behind ryan dinwiddie and win the GC for glenn. and momo glad you want the same game, just to bad you'll have to lose to us.

That's a terrible thing that happened to Glenn. I really feel bad for the guy, he's played amazing this year and it's an awful way to end his year :frowning:

Wow a football fans dream the Riders and Bombers in the final game! its really to bad that Glenn got hurt and won't be playing next week i feel for the guy he must be devastated, I'm sure it will be a great game, its party time this week and all next! Go Riders!

Thankfully, Kevin Glenn is an average quarterback, with limited arm strength, in a system which allows him to flourish by being surrounded with great players. He is not even in the top five offensive players on his team. Dinwiddie has at least as much natural talent and should be able to do an adequate job. With or without Glenn the bombers are still the better team. GO BOMBERS!!!

I disagree....he has shown greatness this calm and collective is his trade mark....we'll miss him for sure.

I think with the kind of offensive system the Bombers have been running in the playoffs and most of the year, Dinwiddie can be successfully if he does not let the jitters get to him. Keep feeding Charlie and getting off those quick passes. Let the playmakers do what they do best. He showed he can throw the deep ball pretty good on that throw to Armstrong on the Argo blitz. I suspect the Riders will bring the house early to try and rattle him. Hopefully he'll read it just like the Armstrong throw. I guess we shall all see next Sunday what Dinwiddie is capable of since he is certainly on the hot seat in record time!

Congrats to the Bombers. You played a great game.

Very unfortunate break for Kevin Glenn. I would have enjoyed seeing the East and West MVP's slug it out in the Grey Cup.

To bad about Glenn. All Rider fans respect him. He had a great year. Deserved to play in Cup. Do not know much about Dinwiddie. He looked good in 4th quarter.

here are some stats. When dnwiddie was at Bosie state he lead a 23-2 team voer 2 seasons in one going for 4,080 yads and 28 td’s over 5 ints. he also holds the most efficent passer rating in NCAA history.

Dinwiddie's college record means diddly squat now.

Tee Martin had great college stats...need I say more?

Dinwiddie will start, Kingsbury moves to #2, will the Bombers dress a third QB for the Grey Cup?

...i think we still have Zack Taylor on the thing about Dinwiddie....he sure doesn't have a height problem...this guy can see the WHOLE field really well...he just has to have the time to throw...which the Bombers o line mobile is he???....probably more than Glenn wearing two braces...really something we're going to have to find out though...we'll mark Ryan in as an 'unknown commodity'...and let the Riders figure it out.... :lol: