Ken-Yon Rambo

Wow, someone's a sore loser...

Especially when Calgary made it closer than it really was

Hey I see what you did...

That's not Ken-Yon at all!

In all likelihood that probably resembles you at the moment.

How so?

...does this guy figure he shouldn't be tackled for cripes sake.....This is football man..... Rambo're not immune to hits (and they were clean) because you're coming off injury... :thdn: He won't getting any sympathy from anyone around the league with that lame performance... :oops:

And seriously... I understand that Rambo came back from a very severe injury, and I respect him for that. However for him to get up and get in the face of and attack every player who tackles him is utterly ridiculous. What does he think he is untouchable now?

News flash. This is football. You are going to get hit. You are going to be tackled below the waist. Suck it up and quit the tantrums.

....... :lol: :lol: I guess he thought he was going to be allowed to just run up and down the field with no one laying a hand on him :lol: :lol: sorry ...the game ain't played that way

You mean pro football isn't 2 hand touch? :wink:
I couldn't help but laugh at Rambo all night long.Getting up in people's faces for no reason at all.

Guys, he just spend the last 12 months on the shelf because of a horse-collar tackle. Of course he was going to be quick to react if he felt like it was happening again in his FIRST GAME BACK. And so would you. He's not going to be like that every game.

...c'mon...I've seen other players come back from very serious injuries and they didn't pull that crap....give me a break.. :lol:

...none of you are at field level and can hear what is being said (the mental angle) so please, give it a rest, the opinion that Rambo is a cry baby is pathetic at best

Except we know trash talk goes on all game long from every team in every game. What gives Rambo the right to throw a temper tantrum throughout the game? Other players don't.

Logan had him around the waist. Are you saying Rambo can't tell the difference between arms around his waist and someone grabbing his collar?

...the same right that is bestowed on you to be overly concerned about it and the same right given to me to laugh at your ruffled country...

Seems to me Bombers fans are doing more crying than Rambo did.

Fair enough. I’ll stand by my opinion and you are of course free to stand by yours.

Easy to be an armchair analyst of what happens to a player in a single second playing a violent contact sport. As fans, we have the luxury of reviewing a play in slow motion. Oh, and we also have the luxury of not being the recipient of said tackle after having spent a grueling, emotionally draining year rehabbing a very serious injury that threatened our ability to make money at our chosen profession. :roll:

Seriously, some of you need a reality check. You and I have no clue what Rambo went through, no clue at all. To sit here and pass judgment on him losing his cool a couple of times early on in his first game back after a year on the shelf is not only egregiously wrong-headed but severely lacking in empathy.

I hope that you are never in a position to have your livelihood threatened and then be mocked by people sitting behind computers who don’t have one single clue about what it feels like to walk in your shoes.

I couldn't have said it better myself. Great post.

I didn't see that part of the game nor do I have a position on this one, but that is one fine commentary again Discipline. :thup:

Also Red And White with a similar view and Blue Dragoon with a dissenting view below. :thup:

There ought to be a way to resolve all these forum skirmishes and grudges with something like a Fatman Suit Boxing whisky and beer party.