Ken-yon Rambo to wear double blue

( copied from a sun-media article )
Rambo insists battle not over

Ken-Yon Rambo remains in football limbo, unable to practise, unwavering in his desire to play for the Argos.
Calgary sent shock waves through the Stamps locker room on the weekend when the club released the veteran receiver, a player who was revered by his teammates, a player who is desperate to get back on he field.
When that comes, only time will tell.
But if that day arrives, Rambo has vowed it will be for the Argos, a team that simply must identify a receiving unit to complement quarterback Ricky Ray.
On Monday, the same day Rambo was scheduled to meet with Toronto’s medical staff, the seven-year vet showed up at a camp and liked what he saw.
Wearing a Blue Jays cap and the look of a wide-eyed rookie, Rambo began to envision the day when he’ll soon be hauling in passes thrown by Ray.
“The last couple of days have been crazy,’’ said Rambo. “I really don’t know what to say about it.
“Being here in Toronto is certainly a blessing and I’m looking forward to continue playing football.?

Thanks. I hope that he is not too old and passed his prime.

He'll have to make the team, but unless he's got a broken leg it will likely happen.

Obviously, his relationship with jim barker has given him the first look over Terrence Jeffers-Harris.
TJH is available right now. Argos should give him a look as well, IMO.

Copeland was a big bust in T.O. :thdn:

So, would you sign Rambo or TJH, if it were your call? Or would you take both or neither?

Rambo was cut due to injury and inability to practice and so is a risk that he may never recover sufficiently to play.
TJH was cut --- why? If he simply didn't perform to expectations or poor effort then that isn't a good choice either. If it was because he didn't fit the system and/or ratio decisions, then he may be a guy that could step in. If the latter, I'd go for TJH.

TJH was cut because he was the odd man out. The tabbies have fantuz, stalla, giguare, Williams, grant and Kelly. Someone had to go.

Aside from his import status, TJH was just unfortunate to have been part of a receiving corps with a mass abundance of talent.

In 19 games, TJH had 77 receptions for 894 yards and six touchdowns. Not too shabby at all.
He has more than adequate tools, and any team would benefit greatly by signing him.

That's mostly the reason why TJ Harris was let go. He simply didn't beat out those you mentioned and rookie Onrea Jones. It was down to TJ Harris and Aaron Kelly for the last spot, and Kelly had a great preseason. TJ Harris can still play and would be a big upgrade for that pathetic group of players (minus Andre Durie) the Argos call their receivers.

I would take both, get them into camp to evaluate which includes the much needed medical for Rambo.
If either or both have anything in the tank it's an upgrade from the current cast.

Rambo or TJ Harris.. tough call. The thing with TJ is that he has quite the attitude problem. Listen, the guy has all the talent in the world, he sure does, he absolutely does.. very talented, His talent is not in question but what is and i think the reason you wont be hearing much from TJ harris anymore is quite simply, his head is not screwed on straight. The guy has big time attitude issues, He had nfl aspirations. People need to remember, this guy was released from the bombers a week b4 last years eastern final.. trust me it was for a reason. Not just cuz we had a guy named Greg Carr or Clarence Denmark take his spot.. The reason he was let go was because he showed up to camp 20 pounds out of shape, he got some advice in the off season from his agent and GIRLFRIEND, and became nothing but a distraction. He was let go because of his attitude problems.

Who would i sign? If i had to chose the choice is obvious, i dont want a guy with attitude problems, i dont want a guy like TJ Harris on my team, i'd take neither but if forced to chose, Rambo,even if he is hurt or at the end of his career. TJ harris, his career ended b4 it had a chance to begin. So much talent but in sports you see it all the time, You can have all the talent in the world but if you have million dollar talent and a 10 cent brain, you end up.. well, Who knows where TJ HARRIS will end up, i'd suspect not in the CFL anytime soon.