Ken-Yon Rambo out for the season


"CALGARY -- The Calgary Stampeders learned Wednesday they'll be without Ken-Yon Rambo for the remainder of the season after the star receiver suffered a knee injury Friday against B.C.

Rambo, who led the CFL with 1,473 receiving yards last season, suffered an injury to his anterior cruciate ligament in Calgary's 48-10 victory over the Lions. He left the game late in the first quarter after his right leg buckled under him while being tackled by Lions linebacker Javier Glatt."


Bad break for The Ranch as a key performer on their offense is done for 2009.

Oski Wee Wee,

If ANY other team needed AB3, it's Calgary...

I'm glad we got him...

Maybe we can flip AB3 to Calgary for Tristan Black.


?Are you under the influence?



I know 4 people already shot this idea down but ya its such a bad idea that i need to make it 5 wtf are you thinkings.

Black is two slow for us
Bruce is too much of Threat of us
We can move him around WR SB
It will also keep people off are other Wideouts and Slots

Yes, but the main thing is HE makes plays. Being a decoy is secondary. LOL

<<< Cobb fan here, was a Corey Holmes fan -- not thrilled at guys needing duckcalls to be noticed by the game planners while on the field! :wink:

Re the Tristan Black theorem:

This idea you trade picks and rights for an established talent so you can move him after his Timmies break by the Balsam gate is ABSURD. The optics of that are ludicrous, frankly. If making a three-way trade (or more) like was in play for Goodspeed is possible, that's another thing altogether. Having a guy in practice and in media scrums and Ticats TV and whatever else on Day 1, and then you trade him for a guy you kept passing up in the Canadian Draft?


Oski Wee Wee,

Trade Bruce for Black, um...............NO! Don't even think it, let alone type it.

We just got a great receiver who gets open and makes plays. The guy might be a jerk but sometimes you have to take guys like that to put your team over the top.

Bruce has a bit of an attitude problem. I would take him and Terrel Owens anyday of the week rather than a guy who's been arrested, sued, having multiple kids with multiple women, busted for performance enhacing drugs.

Compared to all that, Owens and Bruce are saints. These guys become distractions when you let it become a distraction.

Why would you trade a proven entity for a huge question mark?

karma for all of the foolish endzone dances.

Well back to the original post. Sorry to hear that Rambo is out for the year. I want us beat the Stamps, but never like to see a guy get hurt.

rather than just flat out saying NO....I'm curious as to why you would want to do this? Is Tristan Black even avaialable? And if he is why do you want him so badly?

We didn't go through the process of trading for Bruce to send him packing....if Calgary wanted him bad enough they would have just made a better offer to Boatmen