My favourite TV sportscaster has been missing from the troubled CH now for weeks?
Does anyone know whether he has been given the door now that the station is up for sale?
Ken loves the Cats and the CFL and the current former Sportsnet Damion Goddard or the weather part timer Steve Ruddick just due not cut it.

Ken is still listed as of today on CHCH's "Personalities" page of their website.
But so is Dan McLean.....

Hope everything is ok with him. Met him at a function of sorts years and years ago and saw him years later at the stadium and he remember my name, it was eery actually, one heck of a memory I'll tell you.

Hope he’s back soon i do not like Damian Goddard. Takes him a minute or more to get his acting out of the way before he starts the sports.

knowing our luck he's gone to another station just like Michelle Leslie and Michelle Dube

These on air guys disappear and there is seldom an explanation.

I live in Ottawa and when the A channel cancelled their evening news a couple of months ago, Ken Evraire disappeared. He was a great sportscaster and pro- CFL.

Why don't just make it the Matt Hayes New Cast

Matt Dose the news
Matt Dose Entertainment
Matt dose Sports
Matt Dose Weather


Yep sorry about the Spelling .. should use the Spell Check lol :oops:

No problem, just ribbin' ya. I was worried that Matt may have a drug problem. lol

CH News has become one of my favourite comedies on TV. The unintentional laughs that Matt Hayes and Nick Dixon provide are just off the charts.

Ken is on one or two weeks of holidays.

Movie Guy Alex Reynolds is gone too :roll:

People watch CH????


No wonder people in this area are always two days behind everyone else.

Watch newscasts from anywhere in the country. Two days later, you'll see the same story on CH.


what choise to do have for Local news NONE..
Citytv Global CTV don't do storys on Hamilton very offen.
CNN Not all.
Normaly someone has to die or MP or MPP is in Town.

I know they are the best but it's all we have hendy7

I know this because Norm Dixon mentioned it when he introduced
Damian Goddard as Ken's replacement while Ken is on vacation.

I didn't hear NICK Dixon mention it but I do know that when you call Ken at the station his voice mail says that he is on vacation and will be returning, I believe, next week.

Spell check won't help.
dose of medicine .
Dose is a word.
You do spell does EVERY time as dose.

Actually, if you use Word, spell check will help because it also checks for grammar. If it doesn't make sense, it will be underlined in red.

CHCH rarely does Hamilton news either ...
at least thats how it was when i lived there and thats not that long ago ..