Ken Peters

"to a squad [secondary]that was lit up like an Amsterdam brothel last year..."

Does Ken Peters have to make at least one sexual reference/innuendo per column?

It's usually the guys who are always talking about it that are hardly doing it.

Maybe he's trying to get a regular spot in Maxim magazine. Whatever the motivation, I don't think his humour is appropriate for a newspaper. High school locker room humour is best left there.

That line was hardly as obscene as the play of the team last year. The description fit nicely to me.

ZING!!! :lol:

I noticed that line too, but was more confused than offended. Are brothels in Amsterdam particularly well lit? And if so, why?

I think it's refered to as the red light district.
But anyways, Ken Peters sure does take a beating on these forums. If nobody likes him why do they insist on reading his columms, instead of people ripping on him, just don't read it - period.


The reason we read PETERS forums is because there is nothing else in the Hamilton Spectator about the Cats or the CFL, other than 2-4 articles on Ricky WILLIAMS.

I would like to see the Spectator assign 2-3 writers to the team, and designate at least 2 pages to the Cats/Cfl each day.

Its standard practice in any NFL city, and probably in the western cities in Canada. I just think that since this is our only pro sports team, that attention should be a given.

Also we are the Tiger-Cats not Bengals.
On Balsam or anyehere else. This guy is a first class dic...k and it`s true we have no choiice but read this moron

He used that line last season too
It was funny then but not now

Note to Ken Peters: Writers are suppose to be creative that's why they call themselves professional writers. Create something new instead rehashing the same old tired lines column after column

I have no problem with Ken Peters using a nicname for the team such as “The Balsam Avenue Bengals”…I think it’s rather catchy.

No different than us saying “The Black and Gold” when referring to our Tiger-Cats in my opinion.

Here’s some more examples of nicnames for clubs in their hometowns which are routinely used by reporters:

New York Yankees —> The Bronx Bombers
Cleveland Indians—> The Tribe
Montreal Canadiens–> The Habs
B.C. Lions----------> The Leos
Toronto Argonauts—> The Double Blue
Philadelphia Flyers–> The Broad Street Bullies :twisted:
Toronto Maple Leafs–>The Buds
Milwaukee Brewers----> The Brew Crew

Have a nice day all! :stuck_out_tongue:

It's a marijuana reference

I have no problems with most of Ken Peters writing. For the most part he writes good, informative news about the Ticats and the CFL in general.

I have yet to read journalists that are consistantly perfect and Peters is no exception, but generally, I think he does a good job.

I dont hate him but i have to admit he isnt the greatest. And calling us the Balsam Avenue Bengals is catchy a few times but it dies it you read it in every article.

Guys - I don't know what brothel Ken Peters went to in Amsterdam but when I was there last year they were pretty dark and dismal not a lot of light. I think they keep them not very well lit so you can't really see the women.

Why do sportswriters often call tickets "ducats"? Has anyone ever heard that word used in normal conversation?

Ducat? Yes, it's a real word. The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as a gold coin, particularly from Europe. I think most writers use the term when tickets to a big game are considered valuable, or "coin of the realm." It loses this meaning, or is simply sarcastic, if used for a common game., if you heard an Oskee Wee Wee there, that would be impressive.

Can we PLEASE get this guy to stop referring to the Tiger Cats as the 'Bengals'?


Usually I try to keep my mouth shut in those situations. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wheeeeeeeeeee,

I wish that Ken Peters wasn't on the TiCat beat so that I wouldn't have to read his stuff. Didn't Milton used to cover the Cats?

Just thank Gawd Tim Bakker isn't here anymore!!!