Ken Peters

In his article about Chang being made the #2 QB, available here:

Mr. Peters states the following:

"Their receivers are very skilled," he said of Jeremaine Copeland, Marc Boerigter, Ken Yon Rambo, Nik Lewis and Elijah Thurmon.

Now, didn't anyone let Mr. Peters know that Calgary released Elijah Thurmon some time ago, and that he is now a Montreal Alouette?

have you nothing better to do?
This Ken Peters bashing is getting very old.

I thought the same about the Peters bashing getting old, but this guy really has to start researching his work. The Spec is our ONLY newspaper so the standards should be set high for the writers. I’m sure he wouldn’t last if there was another competitive paper in town.

The same can be said with CH’s lackluster sports coverage. We can almost start another whole topic here regarding the fact that we need another TV station as well

His mistakes are getting old; if he quits making sloppy errors due to a lack of due diligence, I'll quit bashing him....sound like a fair deal?

Ken Peters is a Jackass! I will insult him until he resigns due to having the intelligence of a baby.

Had a reply but after reading it again, after re-reading the article, my reply was wrong, so I have deleted instead.

SORRY about that.