Ken Peters: thumbs down? or up?

Anyone want to see this website's Justin Boone

'The Tiger-Cats came up short in a hard-fought bid
for their first win in Montreal since 2002'

take over Ken Peters' job at the Spectator?

'Ho hum - - Ticats lose

Same old, same old for visitors,
as Als cruise to easy victory.'


You called us 'apologists' today, Ken.

so I am calling you a yellow journalist

25 viewers and only one vote besides me?

Come on people, one side or the other

where do you stand?

Id take a trained Seal over Peters. I stopped reading him a long time ago.

For the record, I voted for Justin Boone…but Ron, Ken didn’t write the title, nor did he write the sub-title.

That’s not his job and he can’t be blammed for that.

What he can be blammed for are the two following comments in the article:

“Cornerback Lawrence Gordon was burned by another touchdown reception from Als’ Kerry Watkins.” and “Als’ quarterback Anthony Calvillo fired his 300th career touchdown pass – a 30-yard thing of beauty to Watkins who had beat Gordon.”

Ummm, sorry Ken, you’re wrong! On that play, the Cats were in a zone and either Manning or Glasper was supposed to adjust and take the deepest man. Gordon’s job was to cover the outs and the flats, not the corner, post or the fly. Nobody beat Gordon. If anything, Gordon went out of his way to try to make the play, and just because he was the closest guy to the play doesn’t mean it was his fault. Do you even know what’s going on on the field Ken? You’re a moron.

Other than that though Ron, what did Ken say that was so wrong Ron? I don’t like him either but his report was accurate other than his toughts about Gordon getting “burned.” (Which is unacceptable to me because if you’re going to rip a player at least get it right…but it doesn’t make the rest of his story wrong.)

BTW, Boone has no choice but to be positive. He writes for

You're right AMG. It was even mentioned on the broadcast that Manning blew his covereage on that play.

Curious how Peters doesn't single anyone out on the opening play of the 2nd half that resulted in the 81 yard TD, but he's quick to blame Gordon twice on something he was not responsible for, and, as AMG mentioned, he was trying to cover for his teamate's mistake.

Exactly.....Ken is clueless sometimes. I mean, I know it must be hard for him to cover all these losses and being positive is probably getting extremely difficult for him, but how does he not know what's going on on the field considering he's been covering the team for what seems like forever? Has he never seen a zone defence before? Give your head a shake Ken.

There are very few positives to talk about in terms of the Ticats, so it's time for some Ken Peters bashing.

While I admit that Ken makes some mistakes, (like many journalists) I refuse to participate in this nonsense.

Steve Milton! I said in my post, I have no problem with Ken's article aside from the Gordon ripping portion and his negative tone was was legit if you ask me.

Ken is awful.

I'll give him his due. He was a good writer for the Spec when he was writing news, being an editor and writing humourous little stories (Vignettes I think they were called) among other duties at the Hamilton monopoly.

As a reporter on football. Not cutting it.

Here is my favourite clip from yesterday's article. Starting tonight...the Cats will play their next three contests against eastern conference opponents. It's really four if you want to include the Labour Day Classic against against Toronto.

Ah, yes Kenny, I would like to count the game against the Argos as a fourth game against an eastern opponent. :roll:

I am talking of Ken's body of work, AMG

I put forward the suggestion that Ken practices aspects of yellow journalism.

...sensationalism, distorted stories, and misleading images

Yellow journalism was originally practiced for the sole purpose

of boosting newspaper sales and exciting public opinion.


AMG, you mentioned someone else at the Spectator
is likely responsible for titles and subtitle,

Maybe it is Ken's, and the Spectator's, intent

to tear down a revered, long standing local corporation
which has long reflected Hamilton's image to the world

and sabotage our owners attempt to bring respectibilty to it.

Why on earth would they want to do that? They are part of the community as well. Why would they want the team to fail? That makes no sense, especially considering the Spectator and the Cats have an advertising partnership. Heck, they even teamed up with the Spec for the Season Ticket Holders gift last season (which was awful if you ask me but some people liked it). There is no way this is true.

To be honest, I think it's more of the fact that this organization's football operations have been the laughing stock of the league for the better part of a decade. They are reporting on it and quite frankly, probably as fed up as most of us fans.

Where is Milton? I haven't seen anything by him for a few weeks...

Probably on holidays. It's his offseason as he covers the Leafs and the NHL.

Why don't you ask Avon "Colbourne" Cobourne or Larry "Turner" Taylor?

Kenny doesn't have to be "positive" he just has to be fair and impartial.

As the internet has proven any moron can be negative and wallow in the obvious mistakes.
But it takes a bit of football smarts to look deeper.

Why does he think he doesnt' have to mention the team was in the game until well into the third QTR, won the giveaway/takeaway, some pretty good drives with a backup QB (who he doesnt like), a brilliantly executed two point conversion and some big hits causing turnovers.??

All with four significant players out of the lineup not including Lumsden.???

Then he (and some fans) takes on a smug tone like he's the only one who knew the Cats were going to lose - a game he himself said was a foregone conclusion days before?

Kenny (and some fans) says he doesnt enjoy the Cats losing.

Sorry, I'm not convinced.


Maybe it is Ken's, and the Spectator's, intent

to tear down a revered, long standing local corporation
which has long reflected Hamilton's image to the world

and sabotage our owners attempt to bring respectibilty to it.

Ron: You could write stuff that David Speilberg could use. Very dramatic stuff.

By now, most of us are aware that you don't care for Peter's writing, but you're getting overly dramatic.


As a disgruntled reader of Kenny's football reports,
It feels neat to go 'over the top' about Kenny

like so many disgruntled fans do about the team, spike.

There are no rules on the internet regarding
what a disgruntled person can say about anything.

Kenny, however, is a sports writer and
he is supposed to show more fairness

and balance in what he writes.

He is not just a disgruntled fan

who can spew nothing but negatives
like so many fans do on

It's okay...Kenny says he doesn't subscribe to

Sure he doesn't. :roll:

AND IF he doesn't he's lurking here all the time, cuz he uses stuff from here in his stories (?) almost everyday.

Welcome to the Wild Frontier Ron..
The Internet is Wild Wild West all over again