Ken Peters: the Ticat pass rush is a joke

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Have to agree. After 4 starts, Dominic Lewis has done nothing. Terrance Patrick has been invisible. Charlton Keith is owned on every play. McKay has been completely ineffective. Darrell Adams has been pretty good, but he's out for one more game with an injury.

Honestly, if I were Obie, I would call up Rahim Abdullah and Ron Warner ASAP, and give them Lewis' and Patrick's jobs. I would also trade the rights to Sam Giguere for D-Line help. Plus, start Kori Dickerson. At least he gets pressure from time to time from the outside.

If this isn't fixed right now, opposing QB's will continue to pick us apart.

#9 "I'm not doing my part" thanks NML for coming clean! :lol:

You have to love those Spec reporters. Before the season starts they tell us all how good the team is. Bottom line is our mediocre players stay on from year to year as our core. We need to change the environment and get us some young guys that will actually put out in a game. #9 has always rushed wide and most often never gets near the QB.

You have to love those Spec reporters. Before the season starts they tell us all how good the team is
8) Maybe they meant in comparison to last years team !!!! :oops: :wink:

Peter's is 100 % we have not had an effective pass rush in years. Hard to believe this was one of our strengths at one time with the likes of Monford -

is it the players or is it a bad system,The front 7 have to work together,im sure the players are doing what the coaches tell them.if the system is a good one the individual talent will stand out,imho

We can't blame Ken Peters for bringing this issue to light, but I'm sure that some of you will find other things to judge (misjudge) him for.

Ken could have said a lot more but I found him rather reserved in his statements. He might have commented on the ineptness of this entire team while placing emphasis on the defensive line.

Terrance Patrick had 2 sacks last game from the DT position, which is his natural position and where he should be played. Darrell Adams leads our team with 3 sacks in 3 games, and is solid. Dickerson will now be starting on end as he should, he is good against the run and gets a good push. However if i were Obie, I would trade NML and maybe some draft picks for a #1 receiver or linebacker, sign an import to replace NML(anyone is better than him at this point in time), start Beveridge at safety as Glasper is not overly impressing to make up for the ratio. Easier said than done, I know, but Nik Lewis would look good in black and gold.

or maybe he should just move Clinton Wayne back up onto the line, he has always been solid. or maybe JP Bekasiak finally deserves a chance.

The Ticat pass rush: “Ken Peters is a joke.”

Both sides are accurate.