Ken Peters tells it like it is !!!!!!

Ken Peters for GM!!!

LEO for everything.

Thats coming from somebody whos sounds like he doesnt work and never finished high school!LOL

The point is Woody, that of the ways he could have chosen to write that article, he took the low road.

He does have some good points in there, but the way he makes them wasn't what I (and others, though perhaps we're a minority) expect from a "professional" journalist. Hence the contrast with Milton, who said some of the same things yet kept a neutral tone and a constructive manner.

Maybe Ken was trying to raise some hackles on purpose. He succeeded, but at the cost of his own integrity... in my very humble opinion.

Remember the outrage we had over the Travis Claridge (RIP) article? The same information was presented in a more sombre, compassionate (and in some cases, impersonal) manner than in the way the Hamilton Spectator chose to present it.

All in all, I'd rather read the Spec articles, rather than what Toronto has to put up with the Sun...

I like Ken's writing, although I don't agree with all he says. I find him honest and objective and able to call a spade a spade.
What do the naysayers expect him to say about a team that is a habitual loser?

It's hard to paint a glowing picture of the Hamilton Tigercats, although most of us do try to give them our undying support.

The tide must turn soon, so Ken can start to say some nice things about this team. In the mean time, I suppose we could say that the team looked minutely better in their last two outings.

RonFromTigerTown Wrote:

[i]"Ken recommends that there should be an Attitude Adjustment.

Well, the only Attiude Adjustment I would like to see is Ken's.

In a fair and just world, the players would be given baseball bats
with the words ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT printed on them

and Bob Young, Rob Katz, Ron Lancaster or Greg Marshall
should tell the players to go to work on Ken's Attitude
as soon as he steps on the turf at Ivor Wynne Stadium.


This is a disgusting post.....what were you thinking?.....violence against anybody is never an need to re-think how these message boards are affecting your judgement mate.... :roll:

Not in this article Crash, He does something even worse
he accuses all the players of accepting losing

Here is what he said

"the players have learned how to deaden the pain of a loss...
....The new Cat players are slowly becoming indoctrinated
in the losing ways of their more veteran colleagues:

Losing is OK as long as you make sure
to pay for your round of post-game beers."

Where did hear a player say that?

Who is he quoting?

While I would never condone violence to anyone. Nowhere in Rons post does he suggest that. Telling the players to work on Kens "ATTITUDE" doe's not mean to beat up the guy MIKEY.

Once again your way off base and looking to deflect readers from your neg.comments.

If you believe that is what Ron is trying to advocate.....then challenge him to come out and explain himself on this thread before you jump to conclusions.

I'll bet Ron is not afraid to explain himself and not hide behind his lawnmower.


What are you talking about, Mikey? Haven’t you seen these?

Attention Mike 619...please read above! :roll: note the original post has been edited also!

As much as I understand that a lot of what Ron has to say is rather "tongue in cheek" and I admire his passion for the team and his respect his opinion...I really don't see where "the gang" needs to hyjack a thread at Mikey's expense!

Give it a rest will you please....stick to the topic of Maas' arm...or lack of it when compared to Eakin's! And Ken Peter's article!!!!

Kind of hard to stick to the topic when MIKEY doesn't...don't you think WOODY?


I don't take kindly to anyone advocating players to arm themselves with baseball bats and the management ordering players to take a reporter out on the field to "give an attitude adgustment".......the original Tiger-Cats forums a few years back was shut down because of similar talk......

Someone got banned the other day because of this kind of nonsense about Ken Peters....

I'm afraid that this site will eventually get shut down too if posts such as what "RonFromTigerTown" posted continues unchecked.....

Talk of violence in any form is plain wrong and not what most of us want to read.....and I will never, ever be afraid to speak out against it......

Geeeeeeees this is just guys are like a bunch of kids! :roll:

I'll be the first to admit...if you say it...admit it and back it up! If you're wrong, admit it...for crying out loud, when I stub my toe it hurts! But really....who started what here?...who cares? Stick to the topic already and give the "ganging up" a rest!

Mikey brought up my post woody..I merely responded.


What is your point about my post being edited, woody?

Mikey "edited out" part of my post.

What mikey did quote is no different
than what you quoted.

Of that you are 100% point was that I was responding to Mike619's assertion that it was not a direct quote of your's! :wink:

You should forward your concerns to the MODS to see if they agree with you in depth analysis of what Ron is trying to say snf if indeed he is promoting violence against Ken Peters.

I wonder if Ken is worried. I doubt it.

Anybody that has read many of Rons previous posts knows where he is coming from. ( see WOODYS last post re: "Tounge in cheek" comment)

As far as shutting this site down you been saying that for years.

You also prophesized that we would be barred from practices, yet your the one that talks more about what they see and hear at IWS than anyone else.


If my post was not a direct quote of Rons entire comments then it is only because MIKEY left some of it out. I only quoted and responded to what MIKEY wrote not being aware that he left some of it out.

However that doe's not change my opinions or comments about what Ron meant or said.


No I didn't "edit" anything out of your post Ron....I just quoted the part where you were advocating the players take baseball bats to Ken Peters.......criticizing the man's body of work is one thing, which I have done also, but how would you feel if you read on the Tiger-Cats forum that it would be funny if the Ticats management ordered players to take baseball bats to him on the field........the man is still a human being, a Ticats fan, a City of Hamilton fan and means you or anyone else no physical harm......this is going way too far now....

you can try to cover up by saying you meant "plastic baseball bats" all you want.......we all know what you meant...

a few of you need serious therapy!

It's like talking to a wall.



deny deny

deny swerve and deflect

and some more denial.