Ken Peters tells it like it is !!!!!!

Good the truth hurts doesn’t it :?


Best yet, get him to mouth off at the coaching and Tim Cheatwood, about how "penalties cost games", and "attitude"...but I doubt Ken has the "gonads" to say it to anyone's face...

Regrettably, Icannot comment a lot further, as while I may read Milton's columns (well, I usually do! he's pretty good), I make a point of not reading KP's, as I disagree with most he's got to say.

I can accept someone identifying problem, and offering a solution. I have a great deal of problems with someone, with access to print media, "whining" about such issues and offering no "solutions".

Ken has offered all sorts of problems and issues, but has yet to offer one single solution. I've thought very hard, but cannot recall him playing sports as a professional athlete, and so must discount his opinions as one who has never been there.

A nay-sayer from the word "go", I cannot see where anyone on the team is giving him meaningful feedback worth "reporting" in the Spec, and neither can I find where he is butressing his written opinions with verifiable quotes from any other sources in the League that would repeat such opinions for publishing.

This translates to the opinion that he is a "squib", which is a small and meaningless charge, that, when ignited, causes some "bad" things to happen...

If Greg Marshal got fired by Ken Peters' reporting, I'd be as happy if my complaints got Ken Peters fired-sort of an "eye for an eye" thing, equal risk "redefined"...

As for the team, weare going to have to sit and wait for them to get a game plan where it all comes together and "works", but if we can beat Calgary (as we did!) who has beaten others, and push Toronto and Montreal to the "last play", then we are pretty "close", in spite of such shrikes as Ken...

Pretty close and pushing Montreal and Toronto to the last play counts for nothing!We are 1 and 5 and our promising season is going down the toilet.Be honest we expected a lot more from our Ticats, all we get our excuses instead of victorys.Let's see,our defense line doesnt get any sacks or pressure,our offensive line is the worst in the Cfl,Jason Mass has not delivered anything except 5 yard hitch passes and lots of interceptions,our running is an embarrassement to professional football,our punting game is a joke ,our special teams hurt us more than help us,shall l go on or better yet what's left!Our only professional unit on the field is our CHEERLEADERS and thank you Leslie Stewart for that!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, you're right, we should have laid down for TO, Mtl, and given up on Calgary. It would be in line with your perception of the team.

Plainly, nobody in professional football would give Cotton, Belli, Peterson or Cheatwood a look at a job, as "our defensive line sucks".
Likewise Maas is the biggest clown since Grock, but I have yet to hear a detractor suggest an alternative, let alone admit that the RB's, OLine and receivers have some issues before you diss the QB...

Sorry you feel that way about the gameplan, hope you are up to providing a replacement, as I've said before, don't give me problems, give me quit, already, on beating up on Maas!

We have some of the greatest RB's you could ask to have, even if a couple are banged up, but they are hardly an "embarassment"!

The special teams are WAY BETTER than last year.

Give your head a shake! Or go on watching cheerleaders, its plainly your area of expertise...

oh come on, somebody just used that line the other day.

and i’d like some paprika on my goulash please.

For those suggesting the Ticats freeze out Peters and the Spec in relatiation for this weekend's comments, check out Spectator Sports today for a preview of a post Ticat Spec.

Let's see ... Chris Bosh ...lotsa golf ... some Nascar/Champ Car ... an R Williams story and a D Flutie non-story ...Jays/baseball ... Tennis ... Cycling ...lacrosse... daredeviling...sumo wrestling... motorcycle contract stuff. Must have missed the Ticat story, I'l check again - let's see, Bosh,golf... nope, nothing.

The Spec can always print more yet more news about local crime or Tom Cruise's alien baby to sell papers - how else are the Cats gonna get two daily articles in the hands of a few hundred thousand local people.

Regarding your point that there's a big difference
between not trying and accepting losing, Sec8since72.

When Ken says "Hamilton will continue to play just well enough
to put another 'L' into the loss column" that to me is the same thing
as saying that the players are not trying.

Regarding your comment that I can see with my own eyes
that some guys are taking plays off.

No I don't see players taking plays off, and neither you
nor Ken Peters have shed any light on your allegations.

In fact, I see them busting their guts to make plays to win.

Sad but true Ken Peters is right and it is a sad time to be a ticat fan!Get with it Ticats!Our team are a group of pretenders in a leaque of contenders!

Earth to the Bozzos of the world!

The Tiger Cats are improving fast.

They played an outstanding game against Montreal.

I know you guys feel like you are in heaven
having a Bozzo with a pen ranting in the newspaper
and agreeing with you. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Would somebody be kind enough to post a link to the article?

I'd love to see it for myself!

Thanks :thup:

Guys i ahve to say we are all going about this the wrong way. No matter what we do or say to the spec in regards to Ken, they arent going to give a flying funk. You know why? Bad publicity is still publicity. They can tell people hate him, im quite sure he gets emails and what not constantly. but the problem is we are acknowledging his petty existance. The spec will continue to have him write articles of this kind that he has been writing. He may not be a good sports writer, but he knows how to push peoples buttons and people like that sometimes. They like reading the paper and seeing an article by the schmuck and thinking" Oh jeez whats he done now?" but they will still read it! The guy is all negativity, not offering any hint of a solution but i have one: Practice makes perfect. Thats it. Thats the solution. Start having 8-10 practices every single day through rain or snow or boling tempuratures. If the start winning, than let them off a bit. if they lose, practice next day. Thats it. End of Rant.
Boo Ken Peters

thanks sigpig!

Now having read it...I suggest you all go read it again...don't just take snipits from it...Read the whole article!

He states the obvious and recognises the team needs to turn it around...The only thing that I might find fault with is his last paragraph ...I would have summed it up with... "Let's see if they can turn it around and win on Friday night"!

The guy is not just a reporter but he seems to be a "hurting fan". :oops:

First of all, let me just say that I disagree with the premise Ken Peter's article. I think the team is finally giving it's all and has turned the corner.

What puzzles me is the people that rip the team every chance they get on this site, under the cover of anonymity, are so upset when a reporter does much the same thing in a newspaper with his own name in the bi-line.

Not everyone of course, many posters on this particular posts are staunch supporters of the team and are truly upset with the article but many do much the same thing on a daily basis. Just curious why???

What puzzles me is the people that rip the team every chance they get on this site, under the cover of anonymity, are so upset when a reporter does much the same thing in a newspaper with his own name in the bi-line.
Good point, AT LEAST Ken actually NAMES the people he's disappointed with, goes out on a limb and has an opinion. Doesnt just throw out vague statements in his articles and doesnt defend them.

Look, just articles smarticles here. Ken Peters is a human being like the rest of us and is giving his opinion, he is a big-time fan who wants the Cats to win badly, me thinks, like a lot of us. And he has to write articles.
The only thing that matters is that this team is constantly improving to get it right and make the playoffs and go the GC and this will happen, maybe not this year, who knows, but will happen. Bob Young is determined to have a winner here. So relax, enjoy the games, after all, Ticat games are just games, have a good evening out at the ballpark, and relax. I love the Cats, I love the CFL to death, but neither consume my be all and end all for full enjoyment of life. Lots of other things to be happy, and sad about for that matter. Be happy as much as possible and lets just keep er going.


Nice Post Earl...sounds like a bit of "Reality"...but then again..."this site doesn't take too well to reality". :roll:

In the locker room in the wake of another loss Thursday night, the Ticat players sang from their familiar song sheet, trotting out the well-rehearsed refrains such as "We're getting better every week," or "We're a better team than we've shown," or "All we need is a little more time to gel" and all that jazz.

The above quote sounds like most the fans on this web site who take offense to any one who dare rip this team. The truth is we need a football guy in this organization who will hold players accountable for their actions and will not except losing.

The above quote sounds like most the fans on this web site who take offense to any one who dare rip this team. The truth is we need a football guy in this organization who will hold players accountable for their actions and will not except losing.
We have that person in Ron Lancaster, it will take longer than 2 weeks to make up for the mistakes made in the previous 40 weeks.