Ken Peters tells it like it is !!!!!!

Gee, maybe he got to the point where enough is enough.

It is kinda odd that the transition from the "rah rah" guy to "the world is ending" guy happened over the course of one game for Ken... but what are ya gonna do.

There is a fine line between a) introducing rookies to the league and putting up with their growing pains, and b) putting up with failure.

I still read Peters just because its ticat related (and still not at marty's annoyance level.)

but to call what he's written an analysis would be a misnomer, its a rant.

(also, nice shot there ron)

Peters Is Hack Writer …
He knows Nothing about Coaching Real Football
If anything The Ticats Should bar him from the locker Room for the Rest of the Season.

We have Enought Problems without Mr. Peters String the pot in the local Paper. Most fans here on thought I was Negative :roll:

Sorry Peters Takes the Cake there…
Peters is nothing but a Hack Writer with an Axe to Grind…

which is funny, because normally hes a cheerleader.

Ken Peters suggested in the Spectator that Ticat players don’t treat losing seriously. I think he’s right, for the following reason:

Every player probably thinks, “we have a punter who hasn’t hit a decent punt all season long and he still has his job, so we are in zero danger of getting cut if we just laugh off a loss and visit a Montreal strip club immediately after our game instead of taking it personally and losing sleep over it!”

Bottom line: players look at the Ticat organization like a Country Club, where virtually nothing can get you expelled. This is Greg Marshall’s legacy. He treated these players like friends rather than professionals who should be doing a job properly above everything else. Furthermore, you could say the same thing about Marshall and the way he treated his coaching staff (would Erdman have a job anywhere else in the league other than Hamilton?) Way to go Greg!

Whoever we hire for head coach next year better be a guy who isn’t afraid to cut guys AS SOON AS they cost the team a win. Otherwise, the losing and Ticat players laughing afterwards will continue.

Hey stop stealing my lines!
I gave that one to Rob Katz when he took over last year.

All good points but relax, Look at the schedule--if they can take four of the next five, and they CAN ,then we'll all be happy as heck and buying each other beer at the drop of a hat-- Keep the faith lads, Keep the faith.

It seems he merely jots down what the coaches say at the league media conferences and wanders around the field looking for people to talk to him at practice and like a stenographer writes word for word the empty cliches he supposedly hates.

He must have loved Boreham he was the only guy he could pry three sentences out of (maybe that's why he cheerleads for him)

Am i the only one that sees the irony in this statement :wink:

Ken does have some points about attitude and the slips that have cost the team wins, but goes way over the line in suggesting that the players don't care. This quote in particular drew a flag:

Do you think they threw the games on purpose Ken? Is this responsible journalism? And did you really need to rub salt in there with your last line?

Read Milton's version instead. Says some of the same things, but in the proper and respectful manner we appreciate from a knowledgeable sports journalist.
read here

Have the lessons of Larry Sicinski's tenure reporting the Cats been forgotten??? :wink:

Milton is much better...
For those who require the kind of promising news that comes out of a moral victory, the offence seems to be benefitting from Jason Maas's increasing comfort with his playbook and with his teammates and from Joe Paopao perched in the spotter's booth.

It has been Lancaster's history to have his offensive co-ordinator as the eye in the sky, because he's the one most intimately connected to the players, and the game plan, which should make for quicker and more informed decisions.

Maas distributed the ball well, and went deep enough to keep everyone, including the Cats, honest. There were also a few tough catches executed, notably by Kamau Peterson, and that has to inspire confidence within the pass-catch battery.[/i]

Instead of complaining or campaigning for backup QB's Milton states the obvious, that Maas is getting better each time out.

Hmm, at least this hasn't turned into a "Let's boycott the Spectator because they are mean to our team" thread like what happened in Regina a few weeks back with the LP.

When there is only one paper in a town, that seems to rile people up because they don't have another outlet.

Teams have tried barring certain members of media for things they write but it never lasts and besides, it'd be counter-productive.

People all have their own opinions of print writers. And it is after all, just one man's opinion.

Thats OK because Ken has now pee'd off the Coaching Staff and the players

So when we do rally and start winning games guess who is going to have trouble getting interviews with the team

You cannot bite the hand that feeds Kenny

This response is really funny. In a first Peters sheds his flower show, gives an honest personal appraisal that has many hints of truth and the faithful followers are afraid to actually acknowledge that the Ticats DO HAVE A SERIOUS problem. As usual Peters overstates his case but he's not wrong to point out the obvious. This team has lost its way and it won't be a simple or instant fix. Blame whoever you want but this team is 1 and 5 and going to miss the playoffs once again. The point is quit trying to paint a rosey picture, it isn't working.

To all of you who dump on ken peters for telling it like it is ,you have nothing to hang your hat on with the Ticats great 1 and 5 season so far and last years 5 and 13 the year before.WAKEUP and smell the coffee because it is painful to watch this team and you are only fooling yourself into believing that it is only a matter of time before we GEL.Winners make no excuses and our losing Ticats are full of excuses!!!!!!

And it was hilarious. It still makes me laugh when I think of that hotel.

Well I guess its all Ken Peters fault that we have the record that we have not the players, coaches or management i guess if someone else wrote the article someone who everyone on this site likes you would believe it. I think Ken Peters and also Steve Miltons columns on saturday said it all

JFL said "Hey stop stealing my lines!

I gave that one to Rob Katz
when he took over last year."

Sorry JFL but that line fits here too.
And besides you didn't patent it. :smiley:

And to paraphrase what another poster said,

Ken's so called analysis is more like the ranting of a fan
than the writing of a professional Sports journalist.

He smears all the players as if they all are not trying.

How likely is that?

He is spouting off nothing but hot air.

I would like to see Adriano Belli walk up to him at practice,
right into his face, and ask him to name names.

i'd pay to see that

There's a big difference between not trying and accepting losing. All players hope to win each week, and almost all put in an honest effort but, if they don't win often enough, eventually they learn to stop beating themselves and each other up over it. In some cases, the difference between the exceptional player and the good or average player is that the exceptional player never stops taking losing personally.

On really bad teams, you often start to hear players emphasizing how "the guys are supporting each other", or the "locker room is cohesive". IMO that's a sign the players have started to accept losing - they're still trying to win but as long as they're not blaming each other, losing ain't so bad. I've seen lots of signs of it on this team in recent years, including a lot of it last year.

As for your Belli comment, Ron, that means nothing - no player is going to publicly acknowledge that they accept losing just as no player will admit to giving less than 110%. But you can see with your own eyes that some guys take plays off and IMO some guys, win or lose, are just happy to be playing professional football.

The good thing is that they all love winning so, if the talent is there, these things can turn around pretty quick.

is everyone really mad at Ken Peters or are we all just upset ebcause were hungary?

i dont think anyone is upset about being a small european country.