Ken Peters tells it like it is !!!!!!

You have to give it to Ken Peters of the Spec
when he nails it by writing that our beloved Ticats have accepted losing and it is a disease in our dressing room and front office.
Say what you say but our record over the last few years is pathetic and we are the laughing stock of the CFL,its unfortunate to have all this record support and a great owner behind the team and a lousy team to show for it.The goodwill that Mr.Young bought is running out and l hope he does not give up !Also lwould like to say that it took guts for Ken Peters to write that article and have to walkin the dressing room
after it came out!I know everyone will say that l am a bad fan or lam jumping off the bandwagon but l am truly embarrassed to be a Ticat fan for the past few years and l still buy my 4 season tickets faithfully because l want to believe that this year will be different NOT !!!!!!!!!!

You are so right. it is refreshing to have honesty aand someone not afraid to ruffle feathers,unlike that schill they have on the fifth quarter who yells and cuts you off and wouldnt say anything negative about anyone involved with the team,until they are gone.

Alot of us would like to "give it" to Ken...!! :cowboy:

Trust me it not True They Want to Win.
These Guy Fought there Butts Off in Montreal

We love those Cats !
Those Tiger Cats!
and on to victory!

Ken who? :cowboy:

tell it like it is?


well thought out post and usually i cheer on direct comments. but todays article is not telling it like it is.

Ken criticizes Lancaster for giving the team a day off. If Ken ran the team, we would take our beat up team and beat em up more. We have no off weeks until almost the end of the season. None. We are the only team. Does any one really think Maas is not working hard? That Holmes is not working hard. Of course not. The effort at coming together, playing smart, being healthy, and not letting the pressure get to the team is why Lancaster is the fourth winningest coach in history, won 5 of 6 seasons in hamilton. Lancaster not a winner? How would you categorize his career? Maas a loser? Was I the only one who saw him take Edmonton to the Cup under pressure? Or see him lay it out every game? Holmes a loser? Who would you take over Holmes? McCarthy a loser? How many rings does one need? Good writing is understanding the entire situation. Then you can call it like it is.

ken Peters is at his best when the Cats are losing . He gets all over this and I guess he has reason to since they do have a losing record . It just seems to me that he enjoys them losing maybe because it makes it easier to write the article I dont know, but I rarely read his entire columns .

But you must all look at how the other teams are losing . Calgary was blown out last night and they blew Sask. out a few weeks ago . Winnepeg was blown out by Montreal last weekend . Hamilton has been in each game and you would have to agree they could of and should of won most of thier games this season .

Peters fails to see this I think and I guess what it shows is that any team can win on any given week , including the Ticats and I think when we win at home Friday you`ll see a winning streak started . Peters likes us being down and out so he can whine and poke fun at the organization . lets see what he has to say when the winning streak starts .


That's true of most sports journalists.

When a team is losing, fans want answers so they pay a lot of attention to what the columnists have to say (even if the don't agree with them).

When the team is winning, there's nothing to analyze so who the hell cares what the dude in the newspaper has to say.

Peters, with all his silly wordplay, often strikes me as a reluctant beat writer who doesn't think the temporary trials and tribulations of the local football team are worth getting so worked up about. I appreciate that about what he does.

I'm sure the Spec is thrilled to know that their man Ken is following all of the happy Cats around the bars in every CFL city.

I guess they are thrilled to know he sees them having fun while they are out supposedly doing a job...a job that he apparently knows little about (based on his writings).

Hey Kenny...stay outta the bars yourself and get some sleep. Maybe then, you can come up with an original thought or two.

You think working at the Spec doesn't get someone a loser attitude as well??? Hello, pot...this is the kettle.

Then go cheer for somebody else. Why put yourself through all this frustration and disappointment. Life is too short.

Its easy to poke fun at a team,manager, coach or whatever when they are losing games, be they losing by one point or a thousand.

Ken Peters is taking advantage of this window of opportunity, and once it closes is pretty much going to disappear…

Another sad hack at reporting, if he was all that “brilliant” he’d be writing up the “corrections” rather than coming up with the endless litany of complaints, and doubtless win the Coach of the Year as a result…

As it stands, he is some small squirt that writes in a CFL City to the discontent of many fans…Dan Kislenko is the editor that signs off on this stuff before it hits print, it may be more “profitable” to complain to him…

I'm never at my best.

Ken isnt telling it like it is. thats called honest reporting. haha
Seriously its been this way for a while now why the sudden wake up? Maybe hes just jumping on the band wagon...

i dont mind reading what he says and generally i have agreed with the majority of what he has to say..

As far as i know the Bengals are a nfl team. Hamiltons team is called the TigerCats.

Well, they'd better move Ivor Wynn to Tuxedo or Tisdale or Tragina then, because Balsam TigerCats just doesn't work as alliteration.

It's just a feeble attempt by an equally feeble writer to try and make a name for himself. If he likes animal names so much perhaps children's literature would be a better fit, or is he doing that already?

Why does anyone even care what he writes? He isnt taken seriously, he doesnt get meaningful quotes out of players. No insight and no knowledge conveyed beyond the avearge fan level.

When I bother to to read his stuff, its like I'm reading a post on a fan site.

It seems he merely jots down what the coaches say at the league media conferences and wanders around the field looking for people to talk to him at practice and like a stenographer writes word for word the empty cliches he supposedly hates.

He must have loved Boreham he was the only guy he could pry three sentences out of (maybe that's why he cheerleads for him)

If Lancaster spoke to him at all he before this cooperation is over now, ditto Rob Katz.
Pro athletes loathe having their ethic questioned and loathe it alot more from the media.

If as paper is serious about its content then they cant accept a reporter whom sources wont talk to or respect.

But this is the Spec.

I just read Ken's "Ticats Don't Sweat Losing" article
listed under the galling heading of ANALYSIS

I was struggling for words to express my anger here
not to worry, I see that Zontar has said it all for me.

You are absolutely correct, Zontar.

There is a cancer in the dressing room
and his name is K-E-N P-E-T-E-R-S.

Ken recommends that there should be an Attitude Adjustment.

Well, the only Attiude Adjustment I would like to see is Ken's.

In a fair and just world, the players would be given baseball bats
with the words ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT printed on them

and Bob Young, Rob Katz, Ron Lancaster or Greg Marshall
should tell the players to go to work on Ken's Attitude
as soon as he steps on the turf at Ivor Wynne Stadium.


If you ask Ken whether or not he is a real-life football beat reporter

his answer should be ""No but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night!"

Nice one Ron.

Just a hunch....
but I suspect Peters was told to "go forth and multiply" by one or more on the team after the loss on Thurs. and Sat's column was Peters' wise, well-thought out and carefully researched way of showing the team who's boss.