Ken Peters strikes again!

I know we've been down this road before but how can the Spectator employ such a moron as Ken Peters. In today's spec he AGAIN calls Taffe the offensive coordinator at the University of Pittsburg. Is this guy really that lazy as to not check his facts, or does he do this to get us all riled up?? Either way, he is an embarrasment to his profession and to the fans of this storied franchise. (every time he calls us the "Bengals", I want to pop him one!!! ) He attaches his e-mail address to his articles so let's ALL flood his mail with the correct info on this one!

In yesterday's Spec, Ken Peters wrote[b]" Ti-Cat GM Marcel Desjardins...revealed that former Montreal Alouetttes' bench boss Charlie Taaffe remains the odds-on-favourite to fill the Steeltown post."[/b]

In today's Spec, Ken Peters wrote,"...Desjardins...balked at the suggestion that Taaffe is the odds-on-favourite to lead the Tiger-Cats."

"Suggestion"? What "suggestion"?

Peters reported that Desjardins, himself "revealed" that info. Where's the quote? :thdn:

"bench boss" is another term that drives me nuts...I think Peters tries to use it at least 3 times per article.

I e-mailed him recently and got into it with him about his ridiculous cliches. I even tried to tell him that not all Tigers are Bengals! To no avail. He thinks cliches keep things interesting. :cry:
I will give him credit for debating the issue with me though. I told him he would have been run out of any newsroom I ever worked in for using any cliche...let alone using so many, over and over.

true enough, the use of cliches can really kill any feeling of creativity or legitamet carring on a subject. then again maybe he considers it his 'personal' writing style. pardon my sarcasm.

i don't understand why would Marcel tell the whole league who his first choice is there are a few teams still looking for a hc.

Kenny's piece yesterday was a hoot too. Says Taafe is the front runner, then proceeds to devote over half the article to cheerleading for Barret with nary any evidence Desjardins was interested.

Desjardins hasnt and wont ever hint or reveal anything to Peters or the Spec which goes to show how much respect both are held in by the team and/or M.D.

Funny, some teams trust reporters and use them to circulate hints or get the organization's spin out......sure as hell not this team.

Kenny is just guessing and grasping at straws and he's supposed to impart knowledge to the masses?.....please.