Ken Peters Reports Ticat Practice Roster Chosen

On his website, Ken Peters has reported that the following players have been added to the Ticat practice roster:

LB Cameron Siskowic
WR Laurent Lavigne-Masse
CB Bo Smith
CB Geoff Tisdale
WR Prechae Rodriguez
OL Gerald Davis
OL Jordan Rempel

The roster on the website lists 52 players. Two of those players, Dylan Barker and J.P. Bekasiak, are already listed on the website as being on the injured reserve list. Therefore, four more players currently listed on the roster will either need to be placed on the injured reserve list or released.

i was hoping earnest jackson would be in that list

Peters' report indicates that Jackson may end up on the Ticats' injury list.

That's weird. You don't release a guy if you're putting him on the injured list.

Masse’s gonna end up going back to school so that frees up one of the spots for a QB.

The final 46-man roster was to be declared by 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, according to league rules. How the Ticats were able to circumvent this rule, by retaining 52 players(two of which went on the injury list)is beyond me?

Jackson is on Injury List Charile told me yesterday

From The Spec.

Added to the injury reserve list is Canadian wide receiver Chris Bauman, who has a calf problem, Ernest Jackson (hamstring) and J.P. Bekasiak (muscle strain). Added to the practice roster were Siskowic, cornerbacks Bo Smith and Geoff Tisdale, offensive linemen Rempel and Gerald Davis, and receivers Prechae Rodriguez and Lavigne-Masse.

I like the list alot! It will help us later on, watch.