Ken Peters Re-Visited

Ken Peters' article on Dwight Anderson contains the following 2 gaffes, that are inexcuseable for someone who pretends to know something about football:

he mentions that [/i]
Dwight Anderson showed off his 4.9 speed
; anyone that knows anything about football knows that 4.9 is not fast - I think that Hitchcock has 4.9 speed !! And when I say Hitchcock, I am referring to Ken Hitchcock the former coach of the Philadelphia Flyers and Dallas Stars . . .

he refers to the Los Angeles Rams . . . the Rams have not been based in Los Angeles in this century !!!

Doesn't The Spectator have an Editor to review his work ??

Don't know why you are upset by this, Peters doesn't say what the 4.9 was run over, could have been 50 metres, 40 metres. Did the Spec make a typo mistake? it happens.
Maybe the guy ran 10.9 over 100M. If it was 4.9 over 40 metres then maybe you're right not too fast.