Ken Peters on sportsscope

Can't wait to see what this clown has to say

is he on yet>?

i’ve seen drunks ranting in the endzone after a ticat INT that have had a more competant look to them.

question: was Ken Peters an affirmative action hire?

This guy is such a slob. he has no idea about football or coaching in my opinion. Waste of air time. Ive heard drunks on fifth quarter making more sense

Bubba: if this streak that you say is neccessary doesn't happen.... what should Owner Bob Young do?

Bumbly: b'wellllll thats a tougher question than i know the answer to...


Bubba: whats the solution?
Bumbly: duuhhhhh iunno.... :oops:

I lauphed when he said the playes went to enjoy the nightlife after the game. Were they not on the train after the game?

This Guy is a Jerk
There is nothing worth Wild about Ken Peters at all.

The Spec should Fire this Jerk

I agreed wholeheartedly with Ken tonight. His observations are first hand. Our team does need a good kick in the *ss.
I don't care how the guy looks either. He is pissed about the performance of this team and SO AM I!
He has passion and emotion and he wears it on his sleeve.
I hope a bunch of the Cats were watching...
This game on Friday can make or break ANOTHER season and frankly, I'm running out of patience with such a talented squad. Why can't players bring their previous play to the Hammer?
More losing season after season after season wears down even the most devoted fan.
No more excuses... the time to win is now.

Where there in Montreal..
I was.. He Said we have no Heart..

We came back to Tie..
If we would had Goss it was a Win...

They have heart you Peters dose not..

I will go out limb We will win Friday....
When we Do I going Rub it in Ken Peters Face.

He expects more from Ti-Cats teams .

A really good defence would have saved the game as well as win it by two interceptions for 14 pts.,but they had an excuse in Goss ' injury.

I thought Ken was good ,definately better live than at writing columns.

Hey, even if Peter's is 50% right, the players better realize that when the nfl starts cutting down, they'll be gone. :cowboy:

Hopefully the boys will put it all together against the Peg.

Tell ya, if they all had Terry Vaughn's mental toughness we'd be in first place. :cowboy:

I don't think KP is a great sportswriter, and he's no public speaker, but I've got to hand it to him - he feels strongly about this team character issue, and he's willing to take a career risk to make sure his message is heard loud and clear.

Regarding comments in this post and others about whether he'd say it to the face of this big bad player or that big bad player, unlike 100% of the negative posters on this site, he's got to go back to work tomorrow and face all these guys - he's got to know some guys will challenge him and others will shut him out.

Whether he's right or wrong, I found it interesting to see that he's passionate enough to take a strong stand and the heat that goes with it.

I've stated many times before on here, we all have to get together and complain by phoneing the Spectator to complain about Ken Peters. Also the Tiger-Cats need to stop giving him interviews and let the Spectator know they are doing this.

After Ken ripped the team in mid-year 2005,
he stood in the end zone the next day
as the team was passing by him to practice.

He was wearing a suit and a tie, unusual for him.

So he said to the media and other people around him.

'I guess all of you think that I came here today
dressed up for my funeral.' har har har.

Have you heard the expression, "No sense, no feelings" Sec8?

It applys to Ken Peters in spades.

He doesn't get it. He's a Bozzo.


And he knows no more about the character of the players than you or I.

He was right with everything he said!The ticats are one sad team right now!

Nice job, Ken. There's not much else to say about this year's addition of the TiCats.
Let's hope they can get it going right now!