Ken Peters - Lumsden Eskie next season?

Here’s the link to Peters’ cat chat. Read the bottom.

I know Peters can be a bit ridiculous sometimes. We need to take this with a grain of salt.

But he does make some interesting points. I’ve been wondering what Jesse was going to do next season. I have my doubts he will be here, or he would have signed already. I’m ok with him going, I understand these things happen, although it would hurt (but at the same time help with salary cap). My only fear is that he would go to the blue team. That would kill me. I’m scared of that one happening because the blue team always likes the big name players and are in need of a running back (although Ebell should be back next year). I would hate for him to spend his career in TO and be known as an ‘A— legend’.

But Edmonton makes sense. Peters reasoning is sound. I’d be ok if he went there, especially since we would only have to face him twice a year!

Of course, my first choice would be for him to stay in black and gold!

Of course, family ties being so important to Lumsdem, he might also decide to play and live where he grew up and where his family and girlfriend and friends currently live, instead of halfway across the country. Just a thought.

BTW, why does KP's writing lose the high school newspaper flourishes in his blog. Maybe the Spec should hire that Ken Peters to be their Ticat beat reporter.

I do believe he lives here year round, does he not?

8) Yes, Jesse lives year round in Hamilton !! He was born in Edmonton, but grew up in Burlington where his family lives !! Jesse has no ties to Edmonton any more !!!!

I'm not really worried about Jesse leaving to go to another CFL team. He's a hometown hero here and he can probably get the biggest contract in Hamilton.

If we're going to lose Lumsden it'll probably be to an NFL team. But I don't know if Jesse wants to be a backup down south, but the money sure is good.

jesse has a home in the hammer...if he is in the CFL, he is a tiger-cat for doubt in my mind.

Everyone said the same thing about Mike O'Shea at the beginning of his career...

But no one's been able to forgive O'Shea b/c of the team he went to...

I could see him leaving if get a Big Offer.

Hamilton won't have Cap to match anything huge..

I just Bad Feeling He be in Double Blue..

They can't keep Printers and Lumsden with their salaries, they would have to let one go. Especially if they want to sign any good free agents.

I would sadly let Printers go, we have Williams, who will be better one day.

This is pure speculation by Peters. There is absolutely no grounds for this report. This is KP drumming up a rumour. He never does any legitimate reporting. He just drums up BS.

Having said that, it is his option year and obviously the Cats have to re-sign him. They signed Printers as the qb of our future so they have to keep him. Jesse is integral to this team, and they have to keep him as well. No two ways about it. Losing Jesse this offseason would be a complete failure in the front office in my opinion. I won't accept any excuse, salary cap or no salary cap. Front office job is to get the deals done, not tell us why they couldn't make it work. On a rebuilding team without much to get excited about you absolutely must sign your star players. Allowing Jesse to get away will be absolutely unacceptable and a sign that this organization isn't serious about putting a winning team together. He is the only part of our team that we can claim is among the best in the league. Sign him, sign him, sign him. That's all there is to it. Make it happen.

If Jesse leaves this team it will be a very dark day for this organization and many of the long time fans. If we cant keep our star players how will we ever build a team. We have lost many star players in the past because of money I thought we were better off now.

If Jesse tries to play chicken with management over a new contract, I'd just as soon see us trade him.

Have people forgotten how reluctant he was to sign for 2+option in the fall of 2006?

I'd sooner see us get something in return rather than lose him to free agency.

I think Lumsden is great, and I love a team that can run the ball, but he's not Barry Sanders.

If it came down to a choice between keeping Printers or keeping Lumsden, I'd choose Printers in a heartbeat.

No doubt it's all BS and speculation with no backup. I even stated something similar to that in the original post. Just thought it would lead into an interesting topic for a thread.

I would prefer to keep Jesse here, but if he doesn't want to be here (I'm not saying he doesn't), then he should leave. As long as he doesn't go to the dreaded blue team.

The logic that we cant keep him is ridiculous.... for the last time, Casey's contract was front-loaded so he is not making as much this year as he did last year and im willing to bet its even less next year, 3 years at 1.5 million does not mean 500k per year.

Also, Why cant we afford 2 big name players? Burris is making 300+ and they have guys like Lewis, Rambo, Copeland and Thelwell. In fact, if you take the top 5 players on each team at their salaries I would think we arent doing that bad at all. When you think about it, who are our top 5 players salary wise come next year?

Lumsden (If he re-signs)
Moreno (If he re-signs)

You dont think that Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto all dont pay more for their top 5 players combined?

Lumsden is a great back and cat fans love him with good reason. He is my favorite ticat. He will play next year for the team that offers him the most money. They all do. He has a smart father that knows the business and how fast it can end. Jesse has a history of injuries. If someone offers him more than the cats he is gone. Where he grew up or has family means nothing, it comes down to money in the end and he is taking a beating and deserves to cash in. Its clear when you listen to jesse and his dad talk about football that they have their heads on straight. They have seen it from all angles and know that its a business. I would not blame him if he left for more money. I am sure he loves to see posts like this with fans saying sign him, sign him as if the ticat world will grind to a halt if he wont. Cfl teams win on the strength of defence and qbs. You can win the grey cup with the second or third or fourth best running back, we have. Obie knows that fact all too well and the fans and team will get over jesse if he leaves.
What is a potential problem is if this becomes a distraction. Either get it done soon or agree to shut it down till the season ends. Let the kid concentrate on staying healthy and playing ball. If he starts getting about 8 carries a game we will know that the talks arent going well, LOL. Business is business.

Casey's contract was front-loaded so he is not making as much this year as he did last year and im willing to bet its even less next year, 3 years at 1.5 million does not mean 500k per year.

If the Cats lose Lumsden, I can honestly say that it would be enough for me. I would walk away from this team and never look back. And I’m sure i would not be alone. In fact, if the Cats fail to sign the local hometown hero, they deserve to have him go to Toronto and watch him win the Cup for the Argos. He is the main reason I watch the Cats. We have let too many great players go. I would rather see them get rid of Printers than Lumsden. They can’t afford to keep Printers past the three years anyway. I’m sure this will tick of many of you, especially those who would just as soon let Lumsden go. All I can say is good luck to you. Hope you like losing for another 5 years.

for the last time, Casey's contract was front-loaded so he is not making as much this year as he did last year and im willing to bet its even less next year, 3 years at 1.5 million does not mean 500k per year.
How was printers contract front loaded? 100k of the money he recieved after the grey cup last year counts towards this year so he is making over 500k salary cap hit this year. His normal salary is 400-450k per season. Plus bonuses that are cap countable.

The only reason the cats won the sweepstakes was because they paid him 100k base for last year, plus 250 signing bonus plus 100k after grey cup that counts against this years salary cap. the 500k a year number is always thrown around and with bonuses he can reach it but they also count against the cap.

Well.....lumsden is here and its not exactly one glory year after another here in steeltown. If all it takes is lumsden then the cats should have a cup by now but it takes more and obie knows it does. No one player is bigger than the team and lumsden is good but the cats can win without him. We could bring back lee knight then I guess, and richard nurse as well as giftopoulos........It comes down to winning and obie has to do what is best for the team. Ticat fans will get over losing jesse. There were plenty of tears when hitchcock and that reciever from mac got cut but the fans moved on and so has the team. jesse hasnt brought the team any championships yet and has left for more money before so why wont he again? He is a great running back, unfortunately for him, he isnt the only great running back and the team will move on if he leaves. He is my favorite player and I want him to stay but I wont abandon the team if he does.

After all of the bonuses and incentives up front he is making between 400 and 450 per year against the cap, much different than the 500k number being thrown around, 75K in the CFL can mean the difference at times.

The bottom line is that he will make arguably 425K against the cap NEXT YEAR, 2010 and during his club option year. Yes its more like 500 this year but we cant exactly sign free agents at this point can we? We will be getting about 75K in cap relief next season. Also please add my belief that we are currently not at the cap to begin with. (Again, my opinion based on sheer optics)

Is he worth it? That remains to be seen but when Ricky Ray is making 450k, and we paid Maas something like 350k (Dont quote me on the number) to do nothing, I will take Casey at 425 any day of the week.

PS. I believe his incentives were post season based... meaning if we make the playoffs and go deep perhaps the team is willing to pay the tax to the CFL based on all of the money they save by not paying out guarantees to the fans... works either way to them.