Ken Peters for GM!

After reading the Spectator this morning, I believe that Ken Peters is in the wrong profession. He should be the leader at the Balsam Avenue Bunker,not HC Charlie Taffe or GM Marcel Desjardins.

Obviously. a person with Kens extensive knowledge of the game is wasting his time writing about a CFL team, he should be running one!

One step better, should The Spec assign Ken to the Leaf beat so he can make the correct changes in personnel to put the Leafs back where they should be, in the Stanley Cup.

He is the next Gerry Colangelo!

What makes me laugh is that he called those cuts close to 2 years ago and he's patting himself on the back. The turnover on a team with a record like ours over the past few years HAS to be huge. You could have probably posted a team picture on a wall and thrown 7 darts and hit 7 guys that are no longer here.

Let me analyze this a little further...

Marcus Brady-People on here called for him to be cut ages ago. Not starter material by a long shot.

Hugh Smith-Too small

Taplin was hurt

Kojo Aidoo-mostly special teams and back up role

Gilliam-good special teams player, couldn't catch to save his life.

Yeast-lots of talent, attitude was crap

Troy Davis- that one is still a sore spot for me :wink:

It really didn't take a rocket scientist to know these guys would be on their way out. If I thought about it, I probably could have picked a list of guys who were going to be gone THAT year. Not 2 years later. :smiley:

Here is the article by Ken 'Jeepers Creepers' Peters

click here

Ken says that he named names, and gave reasons
and he claims his comments weren't personal
towards the players in his article two years ago.

Obviously Ken took getting ostracized
by the team back then very personal.

His article is nothing more than
a lame attempt to vindicate himself
for 'beaking off' and saying what he said.

It presents no news of the team.

It is strictly self serving
and of no redeemng value.


Great first post, catchit.

We sure can use some intellegence on this board.

I hope to see more from you.

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Ah, you have to slap yourself on the back from time to time and better yet, why not do it publicly. If I was in Peters' shoes, maybe I'd do the same. Hmmmm, Peters and D'Angelo as a team one day, I can just see it now. :wink:

Earl you're conjuring up visions....D'Angelo as owner; Peters as GM; why not John Huard for Head Coach?

Haha what a hack. Ive never seen a beat writer, write a story about himself. Such an old new piece get into the present Ken.

Haha…classic post. :thup:

When Ken slaps himself on the back all he coughs up is fur balls.

By the way, Earl, you should have seen the fur balls
Ken coughed up apologizing to the team at practice
in front of Bubba's CH TV's cameras.

I did and I loved it.

Methinks that someone who supposedly writes for a living should know the difference between rational and rationale...

....I further agree that this article was nothing more than a self serving piece of garbage....


Ken Peters:

Here is a look back at the rational for the cuts and the final release dates for all seven players involved.

How could faulty spelling lie within the writing
of Ken ‘Jeepers Creepers’ Peters, Jas?

I am sure the incorrect spelling
was caused by someone else

missing a stroke on the keyboard
transferring Ken’s fine words to print.

I fell compelled to offer a contrarian view - only because the criticism of KP seems too harsh in this instance.

The players he publicly identified were not just the also-rans. They included a guy many still pegged as our QB of the future, one of our top two receivers by yardage, a Hec Creighton winner, and the top RB in team history who had led the league the year prior. Granted, it's almost 2 years later now, but 6 of the 7 were gone within approx. 12 months of the article.

Maybe Ken gets tired of hearing that every word he writes is complete garbage, and can't resist pointing out that some of what he says has some merit. The incident he got slammed for last year during mid-season - saying that some players weren't even trying - was basically confirmed by team mgmt by the end of the season.

(I can say all this, because I've established my "cred" as being willing to bash Ken when he deserves it.)

As somebody who worked at the Spec as recently as 35 years ago, I feel that I have a take on this situation. :slight_smile:

Ken writes what the Editor wants him to write. If a reporter doesn't - even a columnist - then he/she doesn't keep writing much longer.... or gets transferred to writing about the latest telephone pole hit by a car.

Obviously the Spec thinks that this is what the community wants - or at least what sells. I can't blame Peters because, in a sense, he's an entertainer and the hall keeps booking his act.

It's sad, but it's true. ML seems to be the only media outlet that is supportive of the 'Cats while still maintaining some objectivity. The Spec and CH are losses.

Then all he has to do is quit writing.

That is officially the best suggestion I've seen on this site in my entire time here. :wink:

Okay I would like to go on record right now about who on this team needs to be removed to make it a contender.

All players , coaches , personnel, ticket takers , concession stand workers, everyone should be replaced.

I will be doing a follow up story on April 24 2037 to prove I was right.

Can I work at the spec sports department now ?


Of the 72 players on the current Ticat roster, only 15 of them (4 imports and 11 non-imports) were on the team when Ken Peters wrote his opinion piece on August 25, 2005. The Ticats also have an entirely new coaching staff. With the CFL Canadian College Draft coming up a week from tomorrow and Ticat training camp a mere four to five weeks away, Mr. Peters should start writing about this year's team rather than revisiting his old articles.

I'm not particularly a Ken Peters fan. I read him because he's the only game in town, but honestly, folks, every time he offers even the slightest tidbit, you're all over him like a rat pack.
Give the man some breathing room and try to be a little more tolerant when he writes something you take issue with.
Mark's entry was interesting in this thread, making reference to the fact that Ken is pretty well told what to write by his editor.
Leave the guy alone.

Sorry, Rocky, if I had the slightest incination to go through school for however long he did (and if I had actually applied myself during high school), I could write a better piece about my dinner than what he does with the 'Cats.

They are not Bengals. It is Ivor Wynne Stadium, not the "Lair", nor the Bunker.

But then again, he is writing from the Castle on the Hill (beside the 403), the same morons who decided to demand that I get a paper subscription to access the online version. I guess ignorance breeds stupidity.

[quote="Vuarra"]Sorry, Rocky, if I had the slightest incination to go through school for however long he did (and if I had actually applied myself during high school), I could write a better piece about my dinner than what he does with the 'Cats.

I can see from your amazing command of English and your phenomenal command of grammar, phrasing and punctuation that you may have missed your calling.

Oh well,I guess its our loss. Whatayagonnado? :smiley: