Ken Peters does it again

Taken from his Beat Today :
He is no longer throwing to proven CFL receivers such as Terry Vaughn, D.J. Flick, Mike Morreale or Jason Tucker and Ed Hervey from his Eskie days. Prospective Ticats Nate Curry, Anthony Arceneaux, Jo-Jo White and Talman Gardner are hardly household names.

When did we get another Jo Jo ?
Kids name is Jo Jo Walker.
Talman Garder was a Former 1000 Yard man in the NFL.

What about this :he will be chucking the cowhide in cowtown a week from Saturday.

:wink: Oh man Kenny Kenny Keny :thdn:


He does dose it again.

A dose of Ken Peters does make my day.

Sometimes I think Mr. Peters has a "420 dose" before penning the particulars of the pigskin passers/pirates, player pounders/punishers, etc...

Talman Garder was a Former 1000 Yard man in the NFL.
Ummm not even close. I think he did have 23 yrds in a season once.


Could you tell me when?

Cause in 2003 he "finished season with three receptions for 29 yards (9.7 avg.) and four special teams tackles"

in 2004 he "developed into a valuable member of the special teams unit with 13 tackles (10 solo)...lone reception of the season came on a 23-yard grab "

in 2005 he "and played in three games during the pre-season"

math maybe not be my strong point but 4 career catches for 52 yards doesn't equal a 1,000 yard man.

Not the biggest fan of Peters myself but if you are going to knock someone for not checking their facts you might want to check yours.

Rod Gardner???

Ron Gardner: 71 catches, 1006 yards in 2002 for the Skins...

[url=] ... rdRo00.htm[/url]

Talman Gardner: 3 catches, 29 yards for the Saints in 2003.

[url=] ... rdTa00.htm[/url]

Oski Wee Wee,

Your Right I was thinking Ron Gardner :oops:

Of course you were.

you are the last person to criticize other people's work on this forum.

Leave the guy alone for godsakes. He made an error. I suppose no one else has ever mispelled something or gotten a guys name wrong.

He even came back and said he was wrong!

Man, some people just won't leave without their pound of flesh...

The irony is he , of all people ,has the nerve to jump all over Peters' back for making a mistake.

That's why he is being jumped on.
He who lives in glass houses...

this thread is priceless. i love the "lets go easy on him" gang that defends him after he tries to nail peters for the same thing. thanks for making my day. lol.

oh and yeah he does dose it again. lol priceless.

That is ROD Gardner

It is. I like to keep my typos to one syllable. :wink:

The links were good, eh?

:D :D :D

Tough Thursday crowd... :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Maybe he meant J.J. Walker. He's an explosive player.

In fact, he's DYNO-MITE!

He's at the 40, the 30...


Let the good times roll!

Oski Wee Wee,